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so fkn stupid u have the mortal sword, but don't use it to kill this SOB when cutting head
you just get *****ing teleported into his *****ing jumping grab its so *****ing annyoing and the second face is just pure autism
One of the easiest boss battles in every souls like game i played. Shrot repetitive attack pattern. God you need to be bad if you had so much probles with him.
> One of the easiest boss battles in every souls like game i played That's keep us updating how it's easy for you, so we can know how dumb autist you are. Seriously guys like you who think it's easy for me, so it must be easy for everyone else are *****ing toxic cancer of this community. Not everyone has a skill like you, gtfo if you nothing worthy to say.
"pure autism" the person says who cant beat one of the easier bosses in this game... Meanwhile I have aspergers and beat this boss easily Learn 2 play
get *****ing cancer
umbrella works well against his screaming***** in phase2 to avoid terror buildup and take no dmg
This is BS, please stop spreading lies. It doesn't work if you don't have upgrades. And this early there is no way to have upgraded tier 3 umbrella. I don't know why it's upvoted so much, are you coming to fight him when you are about to face final boss? This is stupid. He is 3rd boss not counting Butterfly.
Love all the people getting mad at the people goving this advice because they didnt explore enough/get upgrade components. This boss DOES NOT have to be your third boss. Just cause the advice doesnt help your no exploring scrub ***, doesnt mean it wont help someone better at the game.
Fire is incredibly useful against him as he just sits there for a good 10 seconds trying to put it out, effectively allowing you to get half his health bar down in one go.
Fire is useless
Found out that in phase 1, using Ichimonji on his head after he belly flops or ends his combo will stagger him and let you do some free hits on him


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For phase two you can run around in circles and bait his dive, hit once and continue running. I takes about 15 mins
I did the same. If you jump toward him when he does the swim slice you can get a full combo each time. It allows you to jump back with ample time to avoid the terror scream. This works in the second encounter as well. This saved me a lot of time.
Get literally***** on
Deflect everything. After long combos, Headless will make an overhead attack. Deflect that one by pressing the button as soon as he moves his arm down (it's easier than it might sound) and he'll stumble forward. You'll have time for 3 charged attacks. On the second phase, keep your focus on Headless and bait his overhead attack. The Wife will jump a few seconds after you deflect Headless's attack, so you'll have time for only one charged attack. Then you should deflect the Wife's jump attack and run away or counter. Using the Gouging Top to fill up the Wife's posture meter seems effective, seeing as it is both faster than the fire cracker and has more range. After killing the Wife, the fight is easy, just deflect and wait for the overhead attack, rinse and repeat.
I haven't even gotten past him yet, but, so far, Guardian Ape is one of my favorite bosses in any From game. He looks terrifying. His movement is so perfectly fluid and ape-like... And that twist that catches you when you're busy celebrating "killing" him for the first time--oh, man. It made my heart stop.