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this guys is a bro, he helps u practice deflection of varying speed of attacks and dodging sweeps and Mikri thrusts while not having any other gimmicks. would invite him over to replace the dummy(he cant be damaged anywayanyway)
This guy is LITERALLY budget iron golem
This guy is literally a dad, with ridiculous amount of poise, zwihander( that also need to be infused to chaos), in full plate armor and can be killed only by gravity, do I need to say anything more...
I killed iron golem without gravity, and this guys only weakness is gravity. He’s a BETTER iron golem.
Literally? LITERALLY?
And here is the obligatory 'Hey this guy is from a different place' person in fromsoft games
I'm pretty sure He isn't though. You can eavedrop on some ashina soldiers somewhere that talks about him not liking having the armor on or something like that
He screams Robert's name when he falls, he definitely is European.
The Ashina soldiers aren't talking about him though, they said something about him being in the Turo squad or something, can't remember exactly but I don't think he is the one they were talking about. They even said that a smart opponent would remove his armor, yet this guy's armor can't be stripped with the Loaded Spear
Soldiers are talking about the fat dude who issitting right after the closed gates there.
The soldiers talking about “big guy who doesn’t like having armor put on him” are talking about the big bell-wielding guy with the wolves right on the other side of the gate where they are talking
Can he be thrown from any of the windows or just the alcove?
can be thrown through every Windows i guess. When i beat him, he fell through the 1st Windows on the left that was earlier destroyed, but i don't know if that matters.
Did anyone else have this boss talk to you and then not attack at all? He just stood there for me till I pushed him off.



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Although I was able to take him on my first try (video was helpful, but using loaded axe is recommended as it does huge poise, I mean posture, damage), I really, really enjoyed it. First boss I found it easy to deflect nearly all of his attacks...but they are quite slo w. Reminds me of my ds1-3 UGS builds.
You can't deplete giantdad's poise-true, you dex weeb
You can read about this guy info on the fire cracker and on the ninth prayer bead. He apparently come to Japan to look for Rejuvenate water for his son Robert who was sick.
Circle to his left and deflect his horizontal attacks. Militia counter when he thrusts and it should be game.