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Snap crackle pop :3


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Before the butterfly lady boss, a dying samourai will give you a Snap Seed but it's a one time use... you should practice the boss fight before using your seed.
I literally used the snap seed thinking it would unlock the door/"break the illusion" so now I have to beat her with the illusioms I guess. lmao (Yes I found the key to that door)
I can't find that info anywhere :(
I tried Ashina serpent area, and no luck getting more. Just hope I can eventually kill her with no seeds.
I used the Snap Seed on her and nothing happened? I wasted my Snap Seed =( What am I missing here? Thx
You use the seed in her second phase when she summons her ghosts to get rid of them, but be carefull the effect doesn´t affect the whole arena.


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you are the idiot, idiot!
Save your snap seeds. Dont use them on the lady butterfly boss, ultimately you'll need them to cheese later
Don't bother to use them on lady butterfly. Save them for Corrupted Monk since he's midgame but is very tedious and snap seed helps a ton since it can deal a chunk of damage just by using them. For Lady Butterfly, just run away from the ghosts until she dispels them or if they're far away then let her come to you and feed you deflects.
Thanks for this suggestion. I came here to find more seeds to fight LB, but now I know to save them for later and beat her without them.
SPOILERS AHEAD You get a note about snap seed from a hiding spy/rat which you can find from the "bonfire" after the first snake encounter (you stab it the first time). I mean the place where you find the battlefield with the "demon horse rider" boss. He is looking at the direction where you came from, towards where you stabbed the snake. I possessed him with ninjutsu and don't know if the item drops or you need to posses him. Never saw him before and I'm at the corrupted monk, now roaming in search of snap seeds so got weirdly lucky. Note name "Herb Catalogue Scrap" and it say the following: "A page torn from the Ashina Herb Catalogue, a compendium of flowers and herbs. "The 'Snap Seed' naturally grows in ravines and deep valleys. According to denizens of the Sunken Valley, such places are appropriate for offering oneself in marriage to the Great Sepent. Ifone wishes to become a bride, they must enter the belly of the Serpent in the valley"". I'm gonna search the sunken valley mobs if they drops it and what happens with the snake now that it is tightened around the temple.
OP here: Yea the monkeys at the very bottom of the Sunken Valley gives Snap Seeds. White and brown monkeys. The monkeys on the cliffs do not give snap seed which is sad because there's such a huge pile of them at one point. I do not know if the snap seeds drops always or if you need to get the herbalist book page first.
With the demon bell debuff on, I got a snap seed as a high tier rarity drop from a white monkey down in the poison pool. Not the greatest farm as there are only 2 of these monkeys down there but easy enough to kill from stealth.
Which poison pool? The only one I know of is the one with the guys with guns, and the snake eyes boss
He means the one in Sunkey Valley - Bodhisattva idol. You turn back from the area where you fought Guardian Ape and go down. One white monkey on the way under swing branches and the second one is to the left with bunch of other monkeys (second white serpent is to the right, in a cave). You may want to purchase Green Mossy Gourd from the memorial mob while there (1800 Sen) to reduce poison buildup.
So i used all the Seeds i had on the corrupter monk when i discovered that they do an insane damage to him, only to die afterwards.. is there a way to buy them before the monk boss? Since you can't defeat him without those i'm kinda stuck.
Yes you can.. You can defeat all of the bosses without use of items..
you dont need seeds or confetti to beat the monk, just figure out where the safe places to get hits in on her vitality are, get her to 50-30%, then start deflecting like theirs no tomorrow, fromsoft wouldnt make it so a boss needed a finite item to kill, especially not an essential one.