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Theres a miniboss in the bridge area after the shinobu hunter, you get there by swimming and then jumping up some walls.
not a miniboss tho
If y r talking about fortnite... that is false info. Reported
Yeah not a mini boss, just an enemy but a damn tricky one
I think the wiki needs to rethink what is considered a mini boss. It shouldn't have to drop good loot, 2+deathblows, on screen healthbar, ect. If an enemy has unique patterns and has a boatload of health + damage it should be considered a miniboss.
I dunno if it's up here or not, but there seems to be a boss in the big pond behind Ashina castle. I can't find a way to lure it out, but you can lock onto it besides the 2 eels in the pond with it
Later in the game you will be able to go underwater and fight him
You'll gain the ability to dive later. He's a pain
its a headless :P its super easy compared to those on the surface as he doesnt slow you down, just need to be patient with attacks
That's a Headless, you need the mibu breathing technique to fight it
The purple ninja should be a mini-boss, he was harder than most mini-bosses
After you defeat Owl at the top of the castle, eavesdrop on Kuro from in the library where he was standing before when you were getting the incense items, then talk to Emma. Rest at a sculpture, go behind the temple where the Sculptor is residing and eavesdrop on the conversation between him and Emma, and talk to her again. She'll give you a second bell that will change the estates. <- Another mini-boss, also 2 prayer beads there.
Are you saying the 2 Prayer Beads I'm missing are now unattainable? or do I need to beat the game first?
To those missing 2 prayer beads, this is likely the reason. To go into more detail on what to do: After you defeat Owl, rest, eavesdrop on Kuro from the library, rest, talk to Emma, travel to the Old Grave sculptor's idol and talk to Emma there, eavesdrop on Emma and the sculptor from behind the temple, talk to Emma, acknowledge that you eavesdropped, she gives you the second bell. As far as I know, in order to use the second bell, you need to finish the first memory (defeat Lady Butterfly).
Эээээ ало чёртилы, вы карпа добавить забыли, который агрессивный как жаба-гадюка и здоровый как мегалодон.
Это не мини босс, карп это настоящий босс.
Near the end of game, Ashina Elite Ujinari Mizuo appears below isshins room where the 3 white ninjas used to be
It's sad that many mini-bosses are re-skins :(
Wait these are MINI bosses?
They may be small in size, but are hard as ***** nonetheless lmao
Feeding grounds attendant?