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This boss is easy, but the dogs and smol arena make it hard. But since Master Key exist, just ignore it entirely.
The 2 Dogs are the true boss.
lol, ikr. The dogs gut my estus, but once dead I just stand on the ledge and pelt the capra w/ fireballs.



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Now I understand where came ds3 no sense.
every new try you have to walk for 10 min and kill or skip a bunch of minions, what a bull*****game design
Prepare to die, then?
They do that so you have less health and or Estus flask. The difficulty comes not only from the boss but also the walk and the anger. You being angry makes them happy.


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Try doing the ENB challenge. That is what's considered bull****
All you heathens trying to do this boss with your tiny, puny weapons. Get a Zweihander or a Great Club. You won't be trapped in there with the boss, the boss will be trapped in there with you.
I played the original version and got killed by him as a Dex Character. Then when I took the shortcut back to his boss room I noticed some enemies weren't attacking me, I didn't think anything of it though. I killed those enemies and proceeded on to the boss room, but when I got there, it happened. The entire Lower Undead Burg was horribly glitched out, parts of the map were missing and enemies were just walking up to me. Then I walked into the boss room hoping the Capra Demon would still be alright and found his dogs just walking up to me while he did the same. That whole fight, he was the only one attacking me with the same single attack while his dogs watched from the sidelines. Of course I exploited the glitch but left my game wondering if the game would fix itself. I tried to get back into my character, but sadly, my profile was lost. I wasn't angry though, I thought it was for the best since the Capra Demon was basically humiliated by me.
Went through the fog gate and immediately got flattened like a pancake without from the Capra Demon Boss without being able to see anything due to the fog and then got pushed into a corner by the undead dogs. Died Twice in a row this way and lost 20,000 souls and all my humanity, which reminded me why I nearly rage quit this game years ago when I first started playing it.
For me This boss always keeps me on my toes but hasn't even killed me once out of the 5-6 times we fought, except on new game plus and that was because i got ****.
Does anyone think that the letcher from witcher 3 and capra demon look similar to each other
Love this game, loath this boss.