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from what I've gathered so far sake in this game is basically just lore juice, you give it to the sculptor and he tells you interesting stuff about the world/characters


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Cloudy sake = Best sake.
Later in the game you can give it to Emma as well
Sake can also be offered to isshin ashina
Do you know the response when given the sake?
Sake can apparently be given to many different NPCs - in my experience, Emma and Sculptor.
When you give Sake to Isshin, he talks to you about the fight you had with Genichiro, and the Lightning of Tomoe. Tomoe was Genichiro's master.
Is anyone knows if we can get more sake? I want to interact with different NPCs and hear what each of them say.
You can get more sake. It varies. I should've given some to Emma.
didn't get any sake from juzou on ng+ ??
Same I just realized I only had the sake from Isshin and the other drunkard but Juzo only dropped a money bag.
I second this. You only get 2 in subsequent playthroughs. Maybe it's a bug.
Do you just give it to the NPC's in Unrefined state or can this item be distilled further by doing NPC questlines?