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The bow attacks from this guy can go to hell, if you get hit by them you may as well say goodbye to at least half your HP bar, seeing as how if he point-blanks you, which he has an obsession with doing, he's bound to do a perilous attack while you're stunned.
Yeah it's dumb
repetitive Ichimonji seems to stagger him and quiet easy to cheese phase 1 works also in p2 but you must be more careful



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When it goes to cutscene after the first two phases...I was smiling like an absolute clown, thinking From was gonna make it that easy. 3rd, I tilted off the face of the Earth for about 20 deaths. Great fight though, a little random as I had the 2nd phase completely change on me at one point where never did the sweep attacks and just constantly used his bow, but you can deflect them fairly easily. Ichimonji is great for this fight to get some extra posture damage as he staggers after successful Mikiri counters/jump counters.
This *****er makes me want to quit the game, so much stress that idk i could bear it any longer if i keep continue it, at least when you fight sister friede in ds3 the 1st and 2nd phases aren't that much pain in the *** comparing to 3rd phase, but this boss like is combining champion gundyr and nameless king into 3 hp bars. I haven't defeat him yet, and idk if i could do it, it's still awesome game but i guess it's too much for me..
I feel your pain ... 46 tries, 7 times I got to p3 and then I f***ed up either at the lighting phase or some stupid *** basic move..
Don't give up! I just killed him this morning after 2 days of trying and the adrenaline rush and satisfaction was unreal, surpassing even my first O&S kill. Get as many gourd seeds and prayer beads as you can at this point of the game to make it more manageable. Just don't give up!
I feel you man he took me like 50 tries. Don’t give up. Be *** aggressive as possible, don’t even let him use the bow. Make sure u do the thrust counter whenever you can and
You can do it!! If you need to go back and collect all the prayer beads you can and also fill out your skill tree. Some of the skills mage a HUGE difference.
Oh man, if you think this dude is rough DO NOT go for the "good" ending for this game. Sword Saint Isshin is 100x harder.
I feel your pain. Died for 10 hours straight. The strategy I found, in the end, was using Ichimonji, learning his openings for it during p1 and p2, and once learned, I kept stomping him until p3. For p3, stay in his face all the time, and roll INTO him every time you see the red kanji alert. Another Cheese involves getting Shadowrush and spamming it all the time during all phases.
feels so satisfying to deflect the full combo
Amen, my brother
Any tips how to beat this wannabe Raiden? Cause he just oneshotting me with this lightning bull*****fest. I beat his normal form with Ichimoji spam but its kinda not working here.
Try using the "Lightning Reflect" Skill, which is found in Ashina Castle, conveniently just below the Boss Arena. The Skill is in the room which is guarded by the Ashina Elite - Jinsuke Saze Miniboss. With the Lightning Reflect learned, you are supposed to execute the skill when the Boss is doing his Lightning Attack in Phase 2. You have to jump into the air before the attack lands, then try to "catch" the Lightning while in the air and reflect the Lightning back to boss by doing a Light Attack (R1) before landing. Successful Lightning Reflect should inflict heavy Posture damage to the Boss. Repeating this several times should be enough for a Deathblow opportunity.
For the third phase don’t run away to heal just stay in his face and parry when ever you can for most of the lighting attacks just dodge towards him and for some you can jump but the key is to just keep *****ing his face
This guy was more ridiculous than Orphan of Kos!? Seriously? If someone got to this point like me without really understanding/mastering parrying mechanics - this boss will teach you what Sekiro is actually about. And when you think you beat him ... he'll come back even stronger to kick your butt. For the third phase - use firecrackers and hope you can inflict enough posture damage to somehow pull off a win.
I got to his third phase one time so far and I have to admit it was an awesome transition. I cant even get mad at this boss because it is straight skill and nothing else that decides the winner. He is definitely the ultimate teacher boss hahaha
This may not help for all but what I did is I never stopped spamming the rb button only occasionally stopping to deflect or mikiri counter this works even when he tries to jump away bc your rb hit cancels his jump and his attack after spamming attacking is very easy to deflect and start again only occasionally dashing to the side for when he jumps straight up and bringing his sword in a plunging motion
This actually helped me a ton, thanks!
For those struggling, I found two easy ways that worked for me. 1) Shadowrush spam cheese - keep doing this during all phases 2) Ichimonji strat - use it after parrying a combo in p1/p2, while for p3 stay in his face all the time roll INTO him when you see an ability alert. The Lightning reflect is hard to perform, rolling into him will let you dodge every lightning ability he throws at you
sounds good, doesnt work on NG
What's shadow rush?
Weak to firecracker? I knew he was an animal inside!