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position yourself on a little hill just so you're slightly above her, this way she will walk slowly around you. spam mortal draw and the fight should be done in 1 or 2 minutes
That is so cheese I just did it. I'm so low on divine confetti this helps a lot.
she attacks if you don't fight and defeated monk boss
I did not encounter the monk boss and she aggroed me when i passed by. I'm doing the Jinzaemon Kumano quest though, so that might be related though.
At the first meeting if you go through and don't tell her, she will say some scary things and turn into ghosts but not attack (you can go behind her you can get 1 Deathblows) I'm following the Quests of Jinzaemon Kumano, having him at Water Mill Idol, she attacked me after defeating the boss monk and ignoring her again, after being defeated, she thanked me for giving them meet. sad
This boss has a pretty easy move set to predict but she hits like a truck. The best way to kill her is to pop divine confetti and focus on breaking her posture.
She can be easily cheesed by standing behind the gravestone marker that she starts at, just attack her through it at the end of he combo.
Sabimaru works surprisingly well as an opener. You can spam the combo until you poison her ( apparently you can poison a ghost, who knew). It deals a good amount of posture and a bit of vitality damage. After that you have to deflect and jump&stomp her swipes.
You can beat her easily if you use malcontent, the last upgraded version of the finger whistle, it leaves her stunned.
You can kill one of her health bars by jump attacking close to her(without hitting her),it will trigger some animation and then you can sneak attack her
You don't need the Divine confetti for this one. Her attacks are very easy to deflect. Took me 1 try and I only healed twice during it because I messed up the timing on the deflects.
You can cheese her by spamming double jump on her head and Mortal Draw right after. Repeat until dead.