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Theres no way to drop down on him. He isnt standing beneath the hole.
There is a second hole farther down the path.
A comment surprisingly useful in many situations in life: try the other hole :D
Try mist raven it's insanely easier with it.
Leave a reply for why you down vote something. Maybe you're the problem not the strategy. :)
Sneak deathblow the guy for an easy first health bar and run back to the elevated floor area where he has to jump up. As he begins to jump up you should jump down. He’ll start swinging but he won’t really be able to reach you if you stay a bit back. Chip his health once he’s done swinging and if he jumps back down you should jump back up. Repeat til his health is gone
If Pontiff sulyvahn and Champion Gundyr just combined into one thing and decided to live in Capra Demon's arena, this guy is that.
This guy sucks. However good the guy is, my camera deselects him every 10 seconds and I'm left auto-resetting my camera in every direction whilst he 1 hit kos me. This guy would be easy if they had bothered taking their god awful camera into consideration. Why is there no option to automatically select the nearest enemy and not reset camera?
This guy is easy, probably one of the easier mini-boss in the game. My strategy: spam your axe till he die. Seriously, axe is surprisingly op. Many mini-bosses are weak to it



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Mates, saying a fight is easy and then giving the reason for it being easy as "You can just dodge his attacks" is the most see-through troll I've ever seen. This fight isn't the hardest in the game, but it's a very difficult fight to due to the camera + fast attack mixed with kicks which quickly stagger you. It's one of the first fights that includes dodging, strafing, deflecting, and jumping in addition to attacking...saying "its ez lul kids" does not make you alpha, it's actually sad. Btw, there's a few that said it's easy, but actually gave the strategy they used and I respect that, you clapped this guy, kudos.
The standard version in the Hirata flashback only drops Scrap Iron.
You can attack him every time he jumps up and jumps down the small ledge and repeat, making this fight quite cheese-able.