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Kinda new to the game. Can someone help me with summon sign on Taurus demon plz? On xbox1. Gamertag: I Skard I
hey skard i hate to break it to ya but you can’t get help for that boss. A soapstone is used to summon but you get that when you meet solaris so i’d suggest looking up a video
Could use a coop partner for ds remastered on ps4. Add me baron627. At bonfire right past bridge drake
hey I need good build ideas doesn’t matter if it’s over sl 120
SL 66 looking for someone to help with Nito on Switch.
Hey I'll help you. You on xbox?
Looking for people to play dark souls with on Xbox and would be willing to start from scratch. Have a lv 79 character as well. GT: Gibbs EX
Hey I send you a request
I need help with ornstein and smough I’m level 100 new game + and im on Xbox 360 my gamer tag is spectralScarZz
Need help with the four kings NG+ On Xbox one my gamer tag is Jay2Nasty182
Do people still follow this I’m new to dark souls I play on 360 sadly but I’m playing dark souls 2 sotfs editon
I wanna pvp on remastered for switch
Need help with Ornstein and Smough (Zambeb)
Timka lvl 53