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attack rating
astora greatsword (ultra greatsword) : weights 8
this thing : weights 8.5
It is very long
For you.
Get *****ed weeb.
All katanas weigh a lot more than they should in this game.
It's the million layers bro
The blade scales B on Dexterity with a Sharp Infusion and +10, not A
In the table for Sharp Infusion specifically, this is already the case and only the max table needs to be corrected
Kinda stupid how it doesn't reach A scaling in Dex, even after they buffed the infusions..
uhm, yes it does.... I just checked in my game and mine is E in str und A in dex +10 sharp infused
Edit: nvm I am just dumb
Such a lame weapon. Running attack R1.


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I normally love this blade. Its reach. Makes salt fly everywhere and if your smart you could get a few good stunlocks. But it's continuity. Is terrible. Making it very hard to actually fight for more than a moment. Plus its attack isn't as initially high as other blades.
This is. Not how you. Write sentences.
Grammar, where is it.
The range compensates for DMG
Is this thing's weapon art even physically possible? I know this game has lots of physically impossible things in it, but to quick draw from a sheath on your hip a weapon as long as you are tall...
Some sheathes are modified to allow a faster draw, like having a large slit cut out of the side the blade is supposed to come out of. While it would still be unrealistic with the Washing Pole, it's not implausible.
With the washing pole?
Not a chance in hell, your arms wouldn't even be able to draw it from a saya (scabbard) that is attached to your body in any way, Odachi like the washing pole are battlefield weapons and are not intended (or needed) to be drawn with any amount of speed.
Actually, yes. It is physically possible. The Washing pole was Kojiro Sasaki's weapon of choice. Though it is classified as a Nodachi/Odachi. And normally weapons of such length, Greatswords included never were "sheathed" but were held leaning against the shoulder when not in use.
If you are able to parry with weapon art, i forgive you for be a dexfag
I remember my friend got a katana, tried it out, and died when he discovered it had a parry. Lad went to go parry for the first time at all in the game using washing pole (no prior practice or experience with parry before, started with katana cuz weeb) landed it, and has proceeded to connect every parry he has ever tried with a katana. I cant even parry with target shield
Why anyone would bother playing a game like Dark Souls and think people who are using a Dex character is a *** is beyond me. Your suppose to play around with all the different builds possible. STR,DEX,LUCK ,whatever. This really isn't the game for you. Its not meant for you.
I only ever see this used for running R1s, because spacing in DS3 is basically nonexistent due to latency. You can never tell when this weapon is actually within range to hit you, so you have to roll no matter what. And if you're getting ganked, that tends to lead to people rollcatching with the washing pole guy forcing you to roll.
Simple Solution. Roll to the side not the back. Always worked for me and i have Australian internet.
Hold seems like a pretty silly WA for this weapon, especially due to the length. It would make more sense if it used a Jo-dan stance like in kendo that gave the option of a powerful vertical slash or wide horizontal swipe.
Equip it on your left hand to get rid of the scabbard problem.