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so once you go into a memory but dont complete it then go into another memory does the previous memory world still exist or is it deleted?
No memories are an item drop from main bosses, not an instance you enter like the giant memories in dark souls 2. Kill the boss, they drop the soul, and its just an item you keep forever until you use it at the bonfire to permanently increase attack.
You're confusing the two Bells that send you back in time to Hirata for these memory items. Although that would be an interesting idea. Using the memories to gain access to the boss fight again
Memories are earned from main bosses in the game, each memory increases your atk number by 1 which is pretty significant on the scale of the game.
Defeating Genichiro and the monkeys gives you a memory too
The Demon of Hatred drops a memory too and 2 lapizs
There is one Memory Missing u can get in your 2nd time visitting Hirata Estate (earsdrop on Isshin before u fight 1st Owl) and defeating Owl again. If u dont chose Shura ending u can get that way up to 13 Memory's per Playthrough.
I've already got 14 and I assume I'm missing one from the Shura ending. The list above is imcomplete.
Can anyone confirm if there actually is a Memory for Emma, the Gentle Blade?
I have killed Emma and achieved the Shura ending, and did not get Emma Memory
There is a different memory and skill for isshin though...
There is no memory from Emma. I just shura ending.
The Owl refight is NOT Purification ending only. You can do it for any non Shura ending. I know, because I did it, and then still got the Return ending. After the final boss you can still choose which items to give Kuro which allows you to choose your ending. In other words, while it is required to do the second Owl fight if you want the Purification ending, it is not necessary to choose the Purification ending just because you did the second Owl fight. Just don't give Kuro the Aromatic Flower.
To add to this, you can also do the Owl refight *after* getting one of the other endings as well.
My friends forgot to use memories, does anyone know what happens when you stack them?
They just stack so you have 2/1 or 3/1 or whatever. If you need evidence, watch Mr. Fruit's Sekiro video:
Whoops! Can't post links in forums. Anyway, his video is the 9th episode, at about 45:05 or so.



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nice try mr fruit but i won't watch your video no matter how many times you ask