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The AR for Fire infusion is wrong. At +10 it gets 212 Slash & 212 Fire. Oddly enough though, when you equip it and check your AR the game says you have 425 so I guess the 212 are rounded up number?
Also drops from 2 falchion wielding skeletons in the undead settlement in the shortcut tunnel where you need the grave key to access
Not what i pictured when i read Eragon :)
was good in Demons Souls because we could get it early and that was all there was to it. the DS3 "Falchion" is another weapon now. Irithyll Straight sword.
Surprisingly good damage at low levels + RAW.
Get one in the settlement sewers, upgrade it to +2 or so and you can do peasant cosplay R1 spam invasions.
Has the Highest AR of all Curved Swords, with 40 DEX and a Sharp Infusion is does 399 while one-handed, and 404 while two-handed. While one-handed, it consumes 20 Stamina to attack, and 25 while two-handed, so it's in the middle of all other Curved Swords. It has an average weapon reach when compared to other weapons, but it is comparatively shorter than other Curved Swords. And finally, it's kick is a Normal Kick, rather than the Flip Kick most other Curved Swords have, making it much better at breaking someones guard.

9/10, a very reliable and powerful weapon that isn't to be taken lightly.
I prefer a lot the dark follower sabre, it's nearly the same moveset with better damage
Could be a good sl1 wep with carthus milkring which u can get in the same area
what class can use this at sl1
there's only one sl1 class in the game, the deprived, with Carthus Mil ring as op mentioned sl1 has 10 str and 13 dex, just enough to use this weapon, thats awesome news, I grow bored of the raw broadsword on my runs
Has the highest AR for using a flynns ring 99 dex set up if naked, just beating the chaos blade. Unlike the chaos blade a sharp falshion can be buffed with resin.
So I'm doing a pyromancer, prolly gonna have even STR DEX INT FTH would a Dark Infusion with an added Carthus flame buff be usefull?
One or the other. Cant buff infused weapons, unless you mean carthus beacon or somesuch buff on yourself and not the weapon.