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"Has its effect reduced by certain infusions like the Ring of Blades." Last time I checked, rings and infusions were entirely different things.
Its worded a bit awkwardly. The Ring of Blades boosts physical damage, but its effectiveness is reduced when a weapon is elementally infused, like Flynn's ring. Its not saying that the Ring of Blades is an infusion. The statement is still correct though, just ambiguous. A better way to word it would be "Has its effect reduced by certain infusions, similarly to the Ring of Blades."
As the Bandit class, wearing the Crown of the Sunken King will enable players to reduce their vitality to 10, allowing for maximum usage of Flynn's Ring.
According to soulsplanner, you can't drop below your base stat. Might just be that the planner's broke though.
Just went and checked, and yes, it's just that the planner's broke.
Are you all sure it gives a reduced effect to infusions? I saw someone say otherwise in some forum post. If figure it should probably have at least some advantage over the ring of blades, right?
For some reason this is doing more damage than RoB +2 for me, even though they both claim to add 50 AR. I'm below 60, so I figured maybe it's just that 60 isn't really the cap (even though the stat page says otherwise), but removing my dragon ring for less equip didn't change anything. Is it just added on differently?
OK, so, I'm both of the prior two comments. Ring of blades +2 does more riposte damage than Flynns, but in return, Flynn's still grants its full bonus to infusions (just look at it on the fire longsword/poison broad). It also, for no reason, deals more damage in general than RoB despite them both claiming to add the same amount of AR (tested on some random mobs, flipping between both rings). It's usually only around 10 points more of damage, but it's there. They do both seem to make a difference on counterhit, but it's hard to say if the added damage is actually being multiplied by the counterhit bonus, or if the difference just comes from a base addition. It probably is multiplied by the modifier though; if it wasn't supposed to affect them, it would probably have just been set up like ripostes where you don't get ANY bonus from it, as opposed to one that's just outside the crit modifier. Either way, they're both much stronger than the leo ring if your base AR wasn't already huge.