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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

In game description say the scale damage for Whirlwind is juste based on finesse?
It depends on the scaling of the weapon you are wielding.
It is a weapon based attack so scales with what ever stat your weapon scales with. Therefore, if you have a staff equipped it will scale with intellect. A great Sword/Warhammer, scales with strength. A polearm, it scales with Finesse.

The thing I have to wonder is how this skill works with something along the lines of Wands, if it does at all.
It says melee weapon
The only AOE skill a two-handed warrior has whose damage is not less than a basic attack. Compared to bouncing shield(2 turns cd, insane damage,more armor plus shield up), hard to say fair.
Range is 4.5m radius, no matter the weapon right? No range difference using this between a spear and daggers?
I know that spears increase the range considerably. Not sure if daggers reduce it.
Does Thick Of The Fight stack with this?