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ornstein's armor makes me nut
no dlc armor shown?
There are 2 sections at the top that show the dlc armor
What armor should I use for my Grim Reaper character? I was thinking about robes... Maybe some of the Grave Warden set... Please respond.
For Grim Reaper: Dark Set Helm, Karla's Body, Legs and some gloves you prefer. That be my pick..
I’d go Dark Helm, Prayer Robes, Karla’s Gloves and Workers Leggings or Prayer’s Skirt, that’s more the original reaper, an armored reaper would more likely be Dark Mask, or Ringed Knight Hood, Morne’s Armor, Gauntlets and Rskirt of prayer
The majority of these outfits are quite ugly in comparison to the outfits in Bloodborne, despite there seems to be a lot more too choose from here. Some of them are just outright ugly, doubt any of them would save you in the game. Therefore your better off wearing the best looking one. Black set and fire Keeper don't seem too bad though.
We got a guy who doesn't think plate armor looks sexy af here.
That’s cause it’s a different style bud. You aren’t running around in a nice three-piece while a blacksmith forges your Greatsword.
I've been trying to make a build that is a "common soldier" archetype (think the soldier class from demon's souls). What armor would be best for achieving this look?
Hard leather, maybe northern chainmail or some pieces from nameless knight.
When I wanna build a "common soldier", I just put on Oscar's set. Makes me feel badass without being too over the top.
What are the lightest armor sets? Excluding master's set since I think they are too weak if I'm not mistaken
I know shadow and sorcerer sets are good but not sure if there are any other good and light sers
To have the "ChaseTheBro" set you need : lorian's crown, lorian's armor, gloves from the chain armor set, and the ruin leggings from the DLC. You're welcome
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Try Old Sorcerer's hat, Clandestine coat, Black leather gauntlets and Cleric boots. Quite a noble look.