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trying to farm these with someone psn:Starzkiller12
Looking for someone to farm with, it is the last thing I need for the platinum I can help farm as well if you need. psn: waydac
Looking to farm these with someone psn :Shade_Ranger
Farming vertebra too. Psn Uhtredthewarlord
I’m farming aswell if anyone still doing it. Psn GGWPBBQ
Can I add you, need to farm this, my psn devil0417
Looking for a farm buddy on pc, going to help you as well of course.
whats youre steam name?
“ an appeal to heaven”
I’m willing to be a farm buddy if I can farm from you as well, my steam is Bobalugee1940
I sent u an invite :)
Steamname: PlayerOne - Vertebra Shackles
Steamname: Datim (Doge Picture)
Looking to farm this now PSN: kiqiam SL 149
Hi, sorry to those whose been adding me but I already farmed this with the first one who messaged me.
Could use some help, ill help you aswell. PSN: EkteStefan
eu preciso desses grilhoes, vamos nos ajudar ?
Need help on ps4 will help in return PSN Gigschak
Got them. I dont need help anymore.
Farming these offline is hell to deal with. You get 1 every dozen or so runs with over 350 item discovery. I would highly recomend just getting the covenant and having fun online.