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Oceiros, The Consumed King, was consumed by his ambition for a proper heir, but when the child was stillborn and the mother fled, he became is consumed by his grief then completely by madness. The baby died soon after birth and so he cradles the stillbirth in his hands, though the textures are censured. The sounds of the baby are manifested by his sorceries so he could maintain the illusion that it was still alive. The only true sound of the "baby" is the splat of an infant's corpse. If you think about it, when you arrive in the world, you find it in ruins. A great deal of time has passed. Ocelotte should have aged by now... Anyway that's my theory...
try tongue, but hole
Nice 0 frame startup charge attack while I'm right infront of you Ocieros.
I can do you one better: while playing one of my sorcerer builds he actually did the charge when I was under him. He hardly moved at all and I was suddenly dead. Working as intended!
Vordt's Great Hammer destroys this fight. Stay behind him and slap that booty. I beat him 1st try with my level 64 Warrior with 30 STR, 35 VIG, and 28 END. Hammer was +3 (7 titanite Scales)
Jesus it took me 1 try to beat every other boss but somehow im on 4th try with him
I think it's the only "unfair" boss in 3. His attacks are very hard to see in the second stage because of the camera and it always just ends up being button mashing and spamming estus. It's not bad if you have lots of vigor but otherwise it's really easy to just get hit by one of his charges and then spammed while you try to get away.
he is easisest boss to dodge just stay under his arse and roll you casul dex ***
In my opinion he's the worst boss In the game, stupidly hard for any sorcerer or pyromancer since you do no damage, you can cheese the fight by getting him stuck behind the roots, but most of all was the fact that one of the cathedral knights somehow managed to get Into the arena before.
imagine putting points into vigor...
Has anyone else done this co-op with a friend and noticed that, if you are the host, you only hear Oceiros' dialogue, but if you are the summoned, you only hear the baby? There must be some lore behind that.
maybe he is talking telepathically to you or it could be that only the host is able to hear his thoughts
I agree with the other guy here. In the intro cut-scene, his voice is very clear, as if he is speaking into your mind, but the one time he uses his mouth to scream, it's much less clear, and sounds like it is coming from further away.
Beat him on my first try in SL1. Stay on his crotch for phase one and slap him, I used a Raw Broadsword +7. In phase two, just bait him into charging at the side of the roots near the exit door and go to the other side. Then spam arrows in his face to win. I personally used a Knight's Crossbow +5 to shoot him with Lightning Bolts for maximum lightning damage.
For all sorcerers who are after the moonlight greatsword, google 'Intelligence kills Oceiros, the Consumed King' for fighting guidance
You didn't have to put this on every boss page. We get it.
Fact i didn't notice but if you use Vow of Silence he cannot cast pestilent mercury
Whelp. Neither can you. Nor can you cast any other spells for that matter. And besides, pestilent mercury is one of the best ways to take him down because of his large health pool, so I say just leave it.