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This site is useless for monster hunter. What do I need to craft this? Well you need ??? And ??? And ???. Thanks for all the info.
Thats just because the game is still so new. It takes a while for people to fill things out.
you can get this from arena quest. brute coin from uragaan arena quest. quest 8 or 9 im not sure. flying coin i think you can get it from rathalos or rathian arena quest. do arena quest and you can unlock guild cross set etc
Found when getting (A)rank in diablos duo arena *9
For the ace coin i believe you have to complete event in less than 25 minutes
It says (behind ad) that you get this coin by defeating multiple flying monsters at the same time..... I think
Get it, because Diablos cant fly
There's a surprisingly scant amount of information on this game, considering its popularity. What's up with that?
You can pretty reliably get a B rank using the Lance loadout against the Diablos duo. It's a bit boring but you just guard 90% of the time as they hit the other and poke them during openings until one dies. By that point the other is already very low on HP.