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MaNuS iS tHe MoSt AgGrEsSiVe BoSs In ThE gAmE
Dat moment when u go back to the sanctuary garden to find two of these motherf***ers
If you're doing a Sorcery build, Crystal Soul Spear is your friend. 4-shot him at 44 int with crown of dusk and bellowing dragoncrest ring. No power within or RTSR.
At 50 int with Logan's Catalyst I was able to 3 shot this boss, ridiculous sorcery damage imo.


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That guy isn't a pushover. Took me 5 attempts to beat it. Even though Furysword +5 has higher AR than Halbert +15, the Halbert does more damage.
Took it down in about 4-5 hits with a fully upgraded Choas Blade and 45 DEX.
BKH+5 killed this guy in 5 hits.
Killed with Bass Cannon +0 in 7 swings. Well! What is it!
Stone armor, crystal shield, black knight sword, and hanging near the arena entrance makes this whole fight a cheese
Anybody else think this boi looks like Dromarch?
Me too man.
Reminded me of Teostra a lot. Completely different colour scheme of course but has a similar model and similar behaviours.
For pyromancers, this boss is beatable at soul level 55. With an ascended pyromancy flame +5, Grass Crest Shield, Havel's ring, and Dark Wood Grain ring, and whatever armor combination you're most comfortable with (at about 22-23 equip load). Get comfortable with dodging attack patterns!