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His Name is Faraam.
I *****ing got him with a broadsword, after trying and failing several times with the bkga that i was recomended.
His grab attack is absolutely *****ed. I managed to dodge it only once and by accident in my 3 days of attempts before i beat him.
Git gud
I got the twinkling dragon torso stone even after ringing the bell without killing this guy. I couldn’t summon Hawkwood, but I still got it, and finished his side-quest.
I cheese him everytime. Arbalest +9 in the right hand and shoot him dead.
What is the best weapon against the nameless king 2 stage
Straight sword
What kind of straight sword
I did it my first try with a +5 black knight sword. That said, I was so kitted against lightning that most of his attacks just tickled so my experience might not be representative.
my advice is bandit knife + bleed infuse bandit knife weapon art doge every nameless king attack


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"Golden lion helm associated with Dragonslayer Ornstein, from the age of gods, and imbued with the strength of lightning." "In the dragonless age, this knight, who long gaurded the ruined cathedral, left the land in search of the nameless king." -Dragonslayer Helm. I think this pretty much covers these two being seperate beings, I can stop ranting about it now. The spelling errors aren't mine though, it's copied exactly as it's written in-game.
Guarded* it’s spelled correctly in game lol
~80 Soul Level: 25 VGR 29 END 20 STR 50 DEX Prisoner's Chain, Ring of Favor, Chloranthy Ring, Knight's Ring Sharp Lothric Knight's Greatsword +10 Sharp Sellsword Twinblades +10 Charged r2 with LKGS to bird's head during it's fire breath attack. This, pretty much, instantly ends 1st phase. Switch to "Winblades" in 2nd phase and you should deal with Nameless King without any problems.
I can handle the first phase pretty well but when I get to the second phase he gets me with his stupid lightning bolt everytime. I need some help with this loser.
I can't really see how he's the loser when he's kicking your sorry a$$
easy as ***** beat him first time on NG+7 with dragonslayer axe, demon scar, and CBV.