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So, Late game, went back to this area to do some weapon testing and the moment I go outside these golden flecks start floating down, I've never seen this environmental effect before anywhere. It looks like fireflies or embers falling from the sky.
I've gotten as far in the game as to beat every boss but the true final boss and the boss before him (I cannot spell names for the life of me) I have no idea if this effect is natural or occures after a certian point in the game or what, it's just an interesting effect and want to know what caused it.
dunno if you found out but it has to do with getting the kings ring. the giant tree statue things start producing it, you'd see it when you open the gate near the salamander pit, its optional i guess so can miss it
That effect is where there are memories of giants. To enter memories you need the ashen mist heart.
how we did take item?
Jump off the branch/tree that's on the ground
I can't summon anyone because I don't have Xbox live! The pursuer is impossible for me! I mean, I beat the last giant to get there, but he was hard too. Can anyone give me any tips on how to kill the pursuer? (I Got killed on the mini-boss fight)
the pursuer is a damn easy boss. just stick to his shiels an roll when he swings. land a few hits ...and repeat. there's not much more to it. and when his sword starts to glow blue. GET OUT OF RANGE.
Lol the pursuer is easy stun him and hit him with the ballista it takes like 3/4 of his health away
Easy fight either way. and there is a summon u can get to aid you if u need it. just got towards the soilders rest bonfire and use the summon there to follow u to either location for the fight with the pursuer (the Sorc summon that u can get after beating the last giant.)
learn to parry
A good way to grind souls is after the second bonfire, go down the ladder and defeat the enemies in the area. If you look at the floor below, you can see the fire lizard. If you have a projectile attack, you can probably kill him and get a bunch of souls. If you go back to the bonfire and go back to there, he should return and you can kill him again.
It is not an eagle (even if it looks like) - In the official game guide it is stated that what carries the Pursuer around is a crow (since Pursuer is a tool of Velka).
Sorry there is no knight at the tree once you start a new game or starting out as a first time visitor
the white knight at the tree is before the game was scholar of the first sin
It's possible to get down to the Fire Lizard Pit without a silver-cat ring using a plunging attack to cancel the fall damage. From the bottom of the ladder near the bonfire, face the pit and stand on near the pillar to the right of the ladder. Aim yourself towards the lizard and take a few steps back. Run and then jump off the ledge and you'll get enough distance to be able to perform a plunging attack on the lizard which will cancel all fall damage. Because the lizard is so large it's relatively easy to hit, just watch out because I've once had the plunging attack connect but not perform an animation, leading to me sliding off the lizard and taking fall damage as normal.
Which wall is the hidden wall past the ooze
The hawk ring is not useless as most bows have terrible range in the beginning, and here is a tip for new people: duck under the giants legs when he swings and do not get stepped on.