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Nowhere does it explain how to get rid of course other than the wax. I'm in the demon area and no one is helpful at all with all your stupid mumbo jumbo about stats. Who cares. How do I get rid of it?
If your curse bar fills up it just instakills you. There isn't a way to remove the buildup, so you need to just increase resistance.
You need to kill the basilisks as quick as possible but when your bar rises you need to run out of the room and wait for it to drop a bit
You're gonna want to git gud
wish people would read before looking stupid. Bar fills up, you die.... end of. So if it's 3/4 full, run away let it go down. >.<
Purging stones get rid of curse buildup
no they dont' you idiot
wrong wiki boi
gotta say i prefer DS3 curse to DS1 curse
There should be an anti-gank covenant where you inflict this effect to any host or phantom near you, getting stronger with each phantom summoned (including the blue ones)
And also an anti-twink covenant that causes instant curse-death to the twinkvaders if you invade low-levels while you have +10 Estus and end-game gear.
Because Fromsoft hates you. It's just to ***** with you specifically.
I was not paying attention on my curse meter and when I looked down of 1 seconds I look back up and I have spikes in me ( upvote if this happened to you )
go back to youtube
(For 1 second)