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This was honestly a very disappointing boss fight. I'd been told this guy was a nightmare to fight but i beat him first try and on my own no less. Maybe NG+ will offer a better challenge. Please note I didn't use any of the methods described here on the wiki other than using a lightning buff. My armor was all 7+ Elite Knight, had on Flame Quartz Ring +2, and just simply hacked and slashed away at any available part of him with my lightning buffed Red Iron Twinblade while dodging and/or running from his fire. With said armor and ring the AOE fire that can "one shot" you only did about half my health bar the couple times it hit me
lul doubt it kid. keep lying to act cool. didn't beat him on your first try scrub gtfo puss
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The dragon hands you one of the most important items in the game, free of charge no less, feels almost wrong to attack him.......then again I did destroy all the dragon eggs on my way up here so maybe I'm just a hypocrite
This boss sums up DS2, tedious.
im gonna try this boss on NG+ with my Smelter Hammer +10 with lightning infusion and see what happens
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Is this boss... optilnal?
Playing the game normally, yes. You can just talkto the dragon, get the stuff you need, and leave. But if you plan on killing Vendrick, this boss is... sorta optional? You don't need the giant soul he drops to kill vendrick, but it makes it so much easier.
used 100k souls for climax on him... did almost nothing
climax caps out at 5k souls, you wasted 95k
he is old and he is mad
I did Alonne Captain set +10 and the Rebel Greatshield & lightning longsword +10 on a SL120 character w/third dragon ring, cloranthy ring, royal soldier's ring (for weight), and flame quartz ring, and beat him in one try. After like 5 tries with the Alonne Captain set & the Royal Kite Shield getting my *** kicked. The trick is to tank the fire breath with the RGS and hit his back feet in between.
beat him first try by standing in front of him, baiting the fire breath, running to his feet and slamming him with two powerstanced Pursuer Ultra Greatswords (+4 and +3). Didn't need to roll.
worst moveset of a boss ive seen in a while this *****er just keeps spamming the fire down move of which the hitbox is one of the worst ive seen in all of souls games. Lazy design and stupid amounts of unfairness and luck involved in this boss fight. It's a pity since I've always been a fan of great dragon fights such as kalameet or midir but this guy here is the absolute worst excuse of a fight ive experienced so far.


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Actually, it took time to get it ( because of the instant death) but once you see it , it is one simple Boss. Easy to bait. And after all , its not a real Dragon. It was created by Aldia ( supposedly ) experimenting with giant souls. So yes , it displays kinda the same behavior than Giants , simple but painfully effective. I like how the lore is reflected in Bosses, this one is no exeption.
Is this too EASY FOR YOU???
What do you expect from the largest freaking dragon there is?