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Guys I killed the pontiff and the old demon king before sending him to pillage i have already bought the catarina armor from patches, am i scewed?
if i find irithyll BEFORE getting greirat out of his cell have i screwed the quest, or will i be fine?
You will need to setup either Patches or Seigward to save him. You can still send Greirat out to pillage and get him to return by defeating bosses. As the wiki page here says, you can kill dancer (and by extension I assume Oceiros and Gundyr as well) to make Greirat come back from pillaging.
Its fine, i always do his quest with patches after the main game
I joined Siegward for dinner but didn’t drink the soup, then asked Greirat to scavenge for 2nd time. I then killed the Pontiff and found Greirat dead. WHAT
The soup is optional and has nothing to do with the questline. But, I don't know what you did wrong at that part though.
You didn't have to talk to Siegward, only make him appear there. After you talk to him, he moves to the next location (the dungeon), so you fail the quest.


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Beat the game, DLC, all Bosses, all Invaders, mission lines and Hostile NPC's. Sent Greirat to pillage, went right to the Corvians in Archives, killed them, his corpse was still on the ledge. Given the prior close call, his dialogue asking to go the 3rd time and his Umbral Ash discription; It's scripted, he's gone and his corpse is loaded there after any load screen. The game doesn't exactly do happy endings so I'm not shocked but Gray did more to supply us than anyone. Side note, send him to die later in NG to get access to all goodies and get stocked before NG+. Rest in peace, Greirat.
Started Irithyll Dungeon and only got about to the mimiic before having dinner with Siegward. Sent Greirat out and killed the Old Demon King as instructed. Found Greirat dead in the sewers. :(
Patches met Greirat, sent Greirat out to Irithyll, informed Patches of Greirats location. Haven't killed Pontiff yet, so I killed the Dragonslayer Armor, Greirat dies?? What the hell did I do wrong?
send Greirat to Central Irithyll, giving Siegward armor set and yet even i've finished Siegward's questline, up until Dragonslayer boss; Greirat just DISAPPEARED, for good. Any suggestion where i might have gone wrong?
Check opposite where you saw seigward sitting down on the room, i.e go to distsnr manor ran outside to the sewer near the wierd enemies and his corpse will be surround by 3 of those wierd creatures



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that last trivia bit IS a loading glitch that is affected by how powerful your hardware is; the lower end the longer the wait but it shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds for him to render in. also if you do experience this you might be able to "skip" some enemies that are near bonfires in other areas this is not a way to skip bosses just little guys.
Was showing a friend this game for the first time. When he first got to greirat cell it was locked and he was inside. By the time we get the key and come back greirat was no longer inside the cell and we unlock it for the first time and the cell is completely empty. My friend gets invaded and dies and when he respawns and go check greirat cell, all we find are his ashes. Anybody know what happened?


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Most likely you progressed too far
If this has been said before I'm sorry but it made me happy! Brought the armour from patches, saved seigward, killed demon king, sent greirat on second outing, killed "dancer" He was safe and sound after returning to firelink. I worried so much as I didn't read "don't kill demon king" but yeah I guess it's just any boss that you can kill as long as it's before pontiff.