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The damage seems good but when actually used it doesnt seem to do alot of damage.
Not always true. Dark hand wrecks pvp and pve. Hard core. The only problem lies when the split is something targrt resists both alot. Or dmg is low for both. A lightning infused dragonslayer axe also owns
Why has this been the case in every entry? Split damage weapons have no use outside of early game, and even further limitations in PVP,
It is rather disappointing, i am worried Chaos, Dark, Blessed, and Crystal weapon infusion paths are going to suffer a similar hit.
It's because the flat damage reduction from Defense. A 300 phys damage weapon would vs an enemy with 100 Defense and 20 Absorption for every type, the 300 would be reduced to about 160 ((300 - 100) * 0.8), were a weapon with 150 phys and 150 magic would be reduced to 80 ((150 - 100) * 0.8) + ((150 - 100) * 0.8). Just to note, I'm not sure if that's the right numbers for calculating how much Absorption reduces damage, but it is multiplied in, so the point still stands.

To sum up, all mixed damage weapons kinda suck because of flat damage reduction from Defense.
This weapon appears to be the bottom part of a Pointiff Knight Scythe.
I didn't kill Yellowfinger Heysel, and this weapon and the Xanthous crown dropped off a man-grub in Rosaria's chamber late game.
I killed Heysel in the Farron swamp area, but the man-grub still spawned after I defeated Leonhard. This let me obtain a second Pick and Crown.
Haha I was just about to comment this! What in the world? Does that grub drop anything if you already have the pick and crown?

I didn't revive Rosaria either, the grub was by the fire in there, right after I killed Leonhard.
The grub is Heysel, that's where she goes during Leo's quest line.
Try using r1 than r2 with farron flashsword. Absolutely wrecks in pvp. Nobody ever sees it coming there is 0 cast time 0 tell and people think "oh hey im out of range! Nah.
Also the damage is actually much higher than people think with steady chant
Heysel Pick can be buffed. I had Shield of Want equipped in left hand and hit L2 to use the right hand weapon special ability. So it cast great magic weapon on the pick itself (my RH weapon).
Thats just steady chant. Its the heysel pick's weapon art.
I got Heysel Pick and Xanthous crown from the slug creature beside Rosarias bed? I hadn't killed it the entire game due to the fact the creature was passive to me. Finally before heading to endgame I noticed I didn't have a Red Sign Soapstone and went to go get it from this creature. After killing it I got the previously mentioned items instead. I had already fought Yellowfinger Heysel and received these items so these are duplicates.
That particular slug is what ultimately becomes of Heysel.
If I remember right, you get 5 chances to relocate attributes or change appearance. If you try again it says you will turn into a maggot if you do it again.
40Str 40Dex 60Int

Heysel Pick +4

AR: 426 not even that bad... but bad enough.

Bad scaling... maybe because of its low maindmg. 145 and 109 isnt really high.
At +5 on a 60 int build, the spell buff is 208
At +5 and 99 INT it has a spellbuff of 220
Since this weapon is Thrust based, I can only assume its regular R1 attack stak with Leo Ring.

But does the Leo ring also stacks when Soul arrows are shot and its an Counter attack ?
*stack with Leo ring


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No. Soul arrows don't do physical damage, therefore do not become buffed by the ring.


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