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wait he IS resistant to fire, I mean it makes sence with the whole soul of cinder deal but I kill him with pyromancies, I did like 450 - 500 damage with great chaos fire orb
For me, it was easiest to wield a lightning great mace +10 and just trade with him using perseverance until he was dead. But I was around lvl 150 at this point.
Wow. Surprisingly I had defeated the Soul of Cinder's first phase easy on my first try. Just to clarify, 28 vigor, Faraam set with undead legion gauntlets, estus 12 +9, golden wing shield, 32 endurance, raw infused long sword +10, and ring of favor, pontiffs left eye, estus ring, and serpent soul ring thing. Was it skill or was it my stats, maybe both.
Dont flatter yourself much, the boss is laughably easy
Thanks man....
I just helped kill the soul of cinder and right as he went to transition into stage 2 of the fight, he impaled the host with his curved sword and didn't transition into stage 2 of the fight, I hit him one time after that and he died instantly no stage 2 of the fight...
has the exact same death animation as Gwyn
My only question is: Can his magic attacks be parried with the spell parrying shields or is that also affected by the no parrying ability he has?
Idk why this boss gives me more trouble than nameless king . I used wolf knight set (Artorias fan boy here) irythill straight sword +5 , 43 vigor , 34 endurance , 42 strength and 23 dex. Any specific weapon that effective against this boss?
He's weaker to lightning and dark damage. Infuse or buff a good weapon with those or even just use some spells or a weapon that deals that damage. Drakeblood greatsword would be a good option; decent damage and can be infused and/or buffed. Maybe stack dark on it, too.
I used all of my gold spin buff already :(
Farron Great sword will Shreck him. If you have high, dex and strength of course.
The chosen undead eons ago finally taught Gwyn how not to get parried
Does NOBODY else notice he took a dagger to the knee?
Talk about randomness of DS... I've never lost ONCE to this boss (in all my walkthroughs) - I had to reset him once because he killed Yuria...