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I found Something interesting about this weird weapon… You can use it efficiently with a sorcerer full intelligence but only for light magic spells! Not respect the faith requirement will severely impaired dark spells and you will not be able to use the weapon art (not very useful by the way). But magic spells and the physical and magic damage from the sword will be preserved! For a cleric character, this is the first and only staff available , with very few intelligence <9. He will have the possibility to use it to cast the very first sorcery farron dart, and to have a sword dealing magic damage, plus the weapon art corresponding to the miracle seek guidance. But because it scales with int, magic damage and farron dart will be very weak… Knowing that you have dark moon blade to deal magig damage with a cleric… but still fun to add to a build. So despite the name of the weapon, this is definitely more a sword catalyst for sorcerer.
Thats true. Tested on firelink undead damage with pristess ring, spellbuff aren't affected for normal sorcieries but dark are (and alot). Damage isnt affected aswell.
For those who somehow don't know by now, this thing got a boost to spellbuff, it now has 200 spellbuff at 60 int. It's now very viable as a hybrid catalyst. You wont hit as much as other straight sword r1s at that investment, but it does adequate damage and the spells are relatively hard hitting now with the proper gear.