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These things have a strong resemblance to the Tsuchigumo/Earth Spider yokai in Japanese mythology.
I went into that one room in the Cathedral Of The Deep and nearly died when it just suddenly dropped down from the ceiling.
kind of predictable that SOMETHING would happen tbh,such a huge room with only 1 item in it
I never had any trouble with the Cathedral one, but the Anor Londo one is a bit more trouble.
yall can call them "deep accursed" if you want im still calling it spider f####er for dropping in on me for no reason
I accidentally saw a glimpse of it because I had to lure that stupid Cathedral knight that didn't want to move, so as I fought him, I saw a leg. The second one actually got me. I wasn't prepared for the lava slimes either. 8.5/10 scariest monster.
Deacon: So since Aldrich already has one in Anor Londo, we figured you might want this one. Sulyvahn: Hmmm... sounds pretty neat. Let me take a look. *Walks in cathedral, comes out immediately.* Sulyvahn: Burn it down. Deacon: What? S: The cathedral. Burn it down. Whole thing. All of it. Bye. *leaves* Cathedral knight: Now what? We can't burn this place down. Deacon: I know. I have a better idea. *Rings bell* *Old Hunter Henryk appears.* Deacon: So we figured since you are better equipped to deal with these types of creatures, you could probably get rid of this thing without burning the entire cathedral down. Henryk: Hmmm... I'll take a look. *Goes inside, comes out immediately.* Deacon: So? Henryk: 'Scuse me a sec. *Comes back with flamesprayer and oil urns.* Deacon: Did you figure something out? Henryk: Uhh, sure. "Walks into cathedral as knight walks out. Knight looks back, then walks up to deacon.* Knight: Is that a teapot?


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Ever wonder what those depictions of a bushy tailed squirrel-like creature among branches were supposed to represent on the walls inside Cathedral of the Deep? It's these guys. In Norse mythology, which the game's lore is riddled with, Ratatoskr is a squirrel creature that carries messages up and down the world tree, hence why we see one lower down in the Cathedral and one up above in Anor Londo. Take a closer look at it's features beyond its spider-like legs, they even make a chittering sound while idle.
i killed the abyss watchers early to get the wolf knight great sword then went to cathedral of the deep and i was scared of the deep accursed there but i did a one-handed running attack into its face and it was in the riposte state in one hit then the riposte it self did around 1100 damage at base stats and +1i layer learned of the 20% extra damage applies to the deep accursed, the wolf knight great sword is now my favorite weapon ;)
There's some jank when you riposte the Anor Londo one on the giant stairs. It's possible to clip into the ground during the riposte, then pop back out once it's finished.
Was coop'ing with a friend in Anor Londo, an as I died my friend killed this beast, but I didn't get the ring. Will I still be able to get it in ng+?