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I made a faith build not too long ago with full Velstadt armor and weapon, got surprise, when starting the fight, that he go straight to last phase when starting the fight with the set.
On higher difficulty levels I have had the gyrm great shield save me at least once or twice. Try it with high dark defense clothing like max agdayne set to help lower chip damage when you miss a roll.
honestly my next favorite bossfight in the entire soulsborne series after midir or gael
Do NOT summon NPC and use a brightbug, was able to kill him very quickly this way and he didnt even buff his weapon. Strafe/dodge to the right, if he hits you just wait for him to do his sweep attack with the greatsword and this will give you just enough time to dodge behind him and heal up. Used a +10 2handed GREATSWORD.
he isnt that hard i 1try him every time
Dark souls isn't hard, I finished it on my 1st try too
yeah I finished the entire series without dying once in 10 minutes
"Fume Knight one of the most challenging bosses in the game" Pfft, Fume Knight boss fight is a walk in a park... Except the park is bursting with Dark Fire all over the place. Anyway, apparently you can take no dmg by standing right in front of him when he do the sweep attack. That includes his dark flame-buffed sword sweep as well. Although you'll need to get out of his face after that.
I played to NG+4 but every time I fought with fume knight. I was like a mosquito biting him. NG++ help you become stronger or make enemies stronger (-.-)?
NG++ if you summon help, your attack is like a flea. Why are you weak when summoning NPCs? Completing the 1st game compared to the 8th time, it is nothing interesting. The enemy is stronger and the character is still as weak as the first. The funny thing is that if I think my character is weak I will win but if I think it is stronger then lose within a few seconds.
git gud
I'm in NG+ 5 and I use keyboard+mouse.


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I found a decent strat at least it works for me. Get at least 23 vit and 30 in both str and dex and equip only veldstats helm so he Insta buffs(I find him easier when he buffs) and have at least a second dragon ring and standard ring of blades then also have a red tearstone ring. With this and a +5 drakeblood I was dealing about 575 on counter hits and 411 normally. You can only survive 1 hit tho so learn how to dodge his attacks. In the beginning run up to him and just attack, for me he always does a slashing attack after he buffs so let that hit you so your red tearstone starts working and then just go for 1-2 hits every time you can. This is by far the best strat but it's one I find easiest
NG++, if you summon NPCs, the enemy's resistance will increase and your attack on the boss is weak. Most magic is useless. At that time, the boss's resistance ability greatly increased compared to yours. The problem is that your HP is long enough to withstand a boss attack. All bosses in DLCs are stronger in their resistance and attack power. in NG++ my character is weaker than the bosses in the DLCs. The way to the DLCs bosses is really "horrible" even though I went to NG+5. Sometimes, I think I should ignore the DLCs to see what NG+ 8 has? Or all just to extend the life of a game.
NG+8 is quite a bit more challenging than +5. I would advise going on to next playthrough. The various dlc content is awesome but best experienced at max difficulty.