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can you upgrade it past plus 5?
Stuff upgraded with twinkling or demon titanite only gets upgraded up to +5
Anyone willing to trade me the black knight great sword for another weapon?
Yes on what platform do you play on
anyone wanna trade a black knight great sword for my black knight great axe?
Sure, what is your platform
I would
Can you two hand this without 32 strength and 18 dex ? doesn’t seem to let me
You need at least 22 Strength to two-hand it.
Like the guy before me said you need 22 strength but you will always need the full sex to wield it properly two handing it only increases str by 1.5*
Dex! Not... that other thing... stupid auto correct.
Only 22 Strength (not 32) required if two-handing it! Dex still requires 18 though.
is there any special strategy going against the black knight that is more successful at dropping the sword.
The more liquid humanity you have (up to 10 I believe), the more likely enemies are to drop items. That and wearing the Covetous Serpent Ring.
don't forget to wear mimic's helmet.