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I'm getting rekt every time by greatwood, and i killed oceiros on the first try without big issues. Am i disabled?
Difficulty depends greatly on your fightstyle, build and experience. Don't feel bad
I know very well the feeling of somehow dying to Greatwood when it's supposed to be one of the easiest bosses out there. I just forget when to go hit the balls n stuff. Oedipus, Oceiros, whatever his name is, is still a rather easy boss fight, at least he's easier than those black hollow monstrosities that just slam their abnormally large arms everywhere, splattering their black goo all over the walls. I hate those.
I've killed Dancer in 1 try, but this guy destroys me, everyone has different strengths
Disturbing sound? Baby crying and a Bloodborne squishy sound asset? This game is Rated M, it containts violence, my Gaurd breaks often line up with groins... Is everyone drunk? I'd love to live in a world where all Media instantly lined up with my taste. It's like complaining about Evil Dead 2s Zombie, stop motion breasts though I'm the idiot who seen the first and it's rating. The hecks wrong with people, SJW isn't a compliment.
Whoah there snowflake. Chill out. It sounds to me like you have bigger issues than the guy that finds disturbing the sounds of babies being squished.
Agreed. After reading "I do not recommend listening if you are easily sickened" I really wondered what the hell this could be, and in the end it was just regular horror stuff. Disappointed and subsequently lol'd at the "warning"



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Takes 2-3 hits to the head when he is stunned to break his guard for the riposte using Dark Hand on ng. Getting him near a corner or tight space and waiting for him to turn and scream after his charge attack should give you plenty of time to hit his head.
One of the most obnoxius bosses i've fought so far. His damage is way too high and the main thing is his hitboxes are random bull*****I'm pretty sure he wasn't supposed to hit me half the time. Pontiff was at least enjoyable in the end, since his combos are telegraphed enough and you can actually learn his timings and combos. He also deals less damage than this *****er
charge attack feels like a practical startup and his entire body is the hitbox? and it does 400 damage? ok fromsoft
Block it nibba
sHieLdS ARe For ScrUBs.
even pontiff makes more fun to fight than this one hit charge instakill ***** that just runs around and you cant hit
Oceiros is just slimy Amelia.
i one shot this. i just stayed between his legs and kept shield up, if he ran aroound id just run back to him as fast as i could. i used 2 estus. so just do that if ur having a hard time
Spamming pestilent mist kills it easy.
One of the easier bosses for me in this game. Just beat him first try, and it wasnt even difficult. I think his "arena" plays a big part in that. Because he kinda ran up the mounts of rubble and I could just stand a bit lower, hitting his hindlegs. And even though he didnt telegraph that much, you could learn his patters(when he'll do a spin for example) after two-three attacks. Also, he seemed to wait a relatively long time after a charge before starting another attack, which gave enough opportunities to hit. Nice little side boss.