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For the Fist builds enthusiasts out there, here are a few things you should know :

- You cannot 2-hand your fists (you only need one anyway) ;
- You cannot buff your fist (that would be overkill) ;
- You cannot riposte with your fist (why would you that ?! Hitting something that cannot fight back ?! Dishonor on you ! Dishonor on your cow ! ) ;
- Your fist scales off of strength solely (only CASUALS level up dex !........... oh...... uh... wrong game) ;
- Your fist is affected by charms ;
- Lamprey Gauntlets.... Oh ho ho ! Lamprey Gauntlets <3. Increase your fist damage by 50%. Those are your boxing gloves and the only piece of armor worth wearing.

That's all I found out so far and all you need to know really. Now go out there and kill a few beasts, BY PUNCHING THEM IN THE FACE ! (or the crotch, depends on the size...)
Juzu Udewa also increase fist damage by 50%
Here is the data concerning the standard PHYSICAL damage-type for each weapon-class.

# Daggers / Swords / Whips / Spears / Poleaxes / Reapers : 100% Slash

# Hammers / Greathammers : 100% Strike

# Axes / Greataxes / Pistols : 50% Slash and 50% Strike

# Greatswords : 75% Slash and 25% Strike

# Bows : 80% Slash and 20% Strike

# Crossbows : 90% Slash and 10% Strike

Now, about the Extra Blades/Blunt specials, which are pretty impactful. When a weapon has one of these, its physical damage-type "distribution" will change either to do more Slash damage at the cost of less Strike damage or the other way around. More specifically, it will take HALF of the disfavored damage-type and add it to the favored damage-type.

For instance, the Shrouded Bulwark, which belongs to the Greatsword weapon-class and has the Extra Blunt special. Here the disfavored damage-type is Slash damage. Now, the Shrouded Bulwark will deal (75/2)% Slash and (25 + 75/2)% Strike => 37.5% Slash and 62.5% Strike. Which means the Shrouded Bulwark's main damage-type is Strike damage.
But what happens when a 100% Slash weapon has extra blades like the Red Eclipse?
When a 100% Slash weapon has Extra Blades nothing changes, same for Strike weapons. It still has a purpose. Check the comment entitled "Pistols and Crossbows Special" on this page.
I love communities that get enveloped in the game mechanics, stat scaling, etc. Those thirsty seekers that want to squeeze every bit out of a weapon/spell/armor set are my people. Only they’re WAY better at it than I, because I no math too good.
Today, I was messing around with my poisonous weapons to figure out which ones were the most effective in practice and I stumbled upon something that absolutely blew my mind.

I was trying out the Adder Fang on a Crypt Keeper, using the "Light -> Light -> Spiny move" to trigger poison quickly. But something was off. The "Spin-to-win" move was too damn slow ! Actually, it was getting slower with every spin !

Now, you would think that the Adder Fang has some kind of "Slow Hitter" property. Well, not quite. I compared its speed to other spears and it was the EXACT same... but only when you're NOT hitting anything. I was trying to make sense out of this and decided to compare other weapons of the same category. And what do you know ? All the weapons with the "Extra Blunt" property were getting slower than their counterparts with every successive hit !

It finally made sense that my Opal Tusk, which seemed to have the same speed as the other daggers, was slower in action. Such a cool and subtle game mechanic !

TL;DR Weapons with the "Extra Blunt" property get slower with every subsequent hit (until the combo is reset).
Also, if you're hitting an enemy's shield, Extra Blunt weapons don't get slown down.
Turns out it's a bug/glitch. So not everyone will experience it. This is quite embarrassing.
I'm pretty sure it is a well known glitch that ranged weapons (Bows, Crossbows, Pistols) can still shoot during a rolling attack without any ammo and do full damage (except for Bows, they do nigh nothing). But did you know that you can generate ammo (*) ? No need to leave your hard-earned gold in the filthy hands of greedy merchants anymore ! Make your own ammunition... OUT OF THIN AIR (salt?) ! All it takes is to roll around while shooting Zombies and Kraekans alike and collect your prize once they're dead. Then shoot some more ! Or scam the hell out of those same merchants and break the world's economy !

(*) Exclusive to Bows and Crossbows
Why no fist weapons they would be epic
You would think that pistol shots with such a wide angle would hit multiple enemies at the same time, right ? Well, while it's probably an unintended feature, it is technically possible. If enemies are overlapping, you can hit them with a single shot, but it is difficult to pull off and very inconsistent. Still, this is quite useful against certain groups of enemies who like to rush you at the same time like Emberskulls, Spear Imps, Stenchpods or the ghosts of New Lon- ... the Dome of the Forgotten.

Why do I think it's unintended ? You can do this with any projectile. So throwing knives, bolts and arrows can do it too, which realistically makes no sense. But I wish pistols had this feature by default while doing less damage depending on how many enemies are hit (so they would still be useful against a single target) or having a longer recovery to balance things out. Missed opportunity really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When you're choosing what weapon to use, it is worth noting that, in general, weapons with high scaling usually have low base damage and benefit a lot more from stat investment than upgrading while it's the other way around for weapons with low scaling.
Honestly, I almost screwed up my build because some greatswords can be used with a shield, others cannot. Just as so, some here have the tips to show that and some have not.

I used 14 grey pearls to reset from hammer user (1hand) to greatsword user, since kureimoa is useable in 1 hand. However since I noticed trinity does not I aimed for Scharfrichter, which in its page it does not say anything about not being able to use it in one hand.

Thanks NG+ salt drop rate, leader + salt ring in hagar's cavern I was able to lvl 14 times and re-spend rather fast (+- 2h). I did lose the grey pearls that would come in handy since now I have too much str.

But do beware, the same happens with greathammers and greataxes, some are useable in one hand some are not and the pages rarely flag anything.
From my knowlege, all class 1 are useable in one hand and all class 5 are not. Don't know about 2,3 and 4 but I might test.
Yeah, i'm a big idiot. To one hand class 4 greatweapons you need to be able to equip class 5 greatweapons.

nvm my rant.
No thrusting swords. Not complaining or anything. There are plenty of weapons after all, but rapiers would fit so well in this game :(
Phoenix sword lists needing 5 sword 5 whip and 1 magic in the game, which is correct.. this is very confusing. Ive been building sword just for this so far sigh.
You only need 5 of either skill to wield sword-whips, you don't need both.