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Missing Ring of the Evil Eye +0 for platinum. Anyone willing to give me the ring? PSN: Lompopo
do you still need the ring also i only need the wolf ring for plat would you be willing do a swap? PSN is Shadexia
Anyone willing to trade weapons and armour to help me out with a twink build? I’ll give more details when I’m messaged. PSN: gjr485
Looking sage ring+2
"Weapons/Shields can be transferred, if both players have had a weapon with the same upgrade level or superior, and the coal corresponding to the infusion used, if an infusion is present." This is wrong. The coal doesn't matter at all.
Looking for a Dragonslayer Greatshield for a full Dragonslayer Armour build! Willing to trade! PSN: Yansay-Ritsu
Does anyone have a soul of s demon prince i can have?
it literally says you can't drop boss souls
Looking for someone to drop 99 souls for me Psn futuresoldier94


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I'm looking for someone to drop souls for me I really need them Psn futuresoldier94
Looking for a Demon's Scar, dont have mutch to offer, though (PC)
what is your steam name I'll add you as a friend?
Sorry for the late reply, its Inferno Mantis
I've sent a request, if you didn't receive I'll try again tomoz.
Is there any problem with trading rings from Ringed City from my friend? I have dlcs, These rings are legitly obtained.
As long as you both have the dlcs it shouldn't be an issue.