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This area is not hard. It's not challenging. It just sucks.

It's either kill everything 12 times or get through with pure luck.

Now imagine doing this bull in the champions covenant... *shudder*.


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I tried. It sucked, and I left the convenant, just to get through this area. Just got to love those astrologists.
This place would have been manageable if there weren't any of these stupid astrologists.
For anyone having trouble with the undead in the cages, Soul Appease can kill them before you pull the lever.
this area is just poorly designed and unfair, i thought the red smelter demons area was bad but that's just about patience. this is like smashing your face into a wall of meat grinders until you just happen to make it through in one piece
I found it so much more manageable when revisiting this game because I learned a lot about pve poise & element strengths/resistances. Here's a few takeaways that seriously helped me out: 1) the summons at the start are extremely useful for getting thru the gauntlet but completely worthless for the Smelter fight. 2) Dark damage is god against everything but the mages 3) Thrusting Weps are way too good here because of shield poking. It does less damage but allows you to deal with single or mobs so safely I used the dark roaring halbert & dark sanctum shield with dark wep & strong magic shield. I didn't need to heal at all and sent the phantoms home when I got to the fog gate. Did >500 damage per hit to smelter demon and could block most of his attack for ~100 damage making the whole area almost trivial. It required a lot of patience and poking carefully but IMO that's the point -- this is an area meant for a group and this wiki guide really exemplifies that
F^ck this sadistic, minimal-payoff level in the spine. Hard. And while we're at it, the designers of this level can go and fornicate themselves sideways with a giant pineapple. This BS level isn't fun, it's just a sick grinding joke.
If those mother*****ing faith *****s weren't there and you didn't have to fatroll through all of that mess this area would be so much easier
I hope whoever made this section gets their balls caught in the spokes of a moving bike, this area is a mess it isn't even trial and error its just RNG, sometimes you make it and other times you get killed in the snap of a finger, wanted to like this dlc area man...
Whichever metric ton of scabby d!ldos thought that this was an acceptable thing to put into any game, I absolutely hope that they wake up in the morning with ten thousand porcupine quills inside their bladder. I’d have more fun stapling my hand to a table using a nail gun powered by compressed rhino farts!
I don't like the old iron king dlc, but this area is even worse than the rest. I hope whoever made this got fired, then tortured, then cut into pieces killed, revived and then all things in the first section but done better. Stupid dirt.