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You have to admit they look very derpy
Lol indeed they do.
Cannot beat the ones in forest of fallen giants. I'm in NG+ with a fully upgraded thorned greatsword.
prolly cuz youre using a greatsword. I can barerly kill it with the king's ultra greatsword :'D Magic and hexes work great tho, dark orb from the doorway, resonant soul from the balcony :3
Do the ones in the Memory of the Old Iron King also drop pyromancies?
Yes. I got a fireball pyromancy from killing the one before the hole on the 1st level
I just love how they can do a full 360+ without moving a muscle and not even magic is involved. Just imagine a flamethrower operated by an office chair, which is aided by a laser targeting system. The Flame Salamander is exactly that.
so i strafed around the one in the bottom of the pit during his dive attack, moved in for the kill after he landed and the invisible shockwave hitbox did about 300 dmg to me and killed me. if these guys were humanoids wearing armor they would be the perfect single example of everything wrong with the design of ds2
be warned if you're a melee character, the columns in the flame lizard pit do not actually block their fireball breath