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I just randomly got one, I'll give it to you on PS4. PSN is Walter Wilson
is it still for trade? like this if yes
nvm got it
theres about 8,000 walter wilsons on psn
Bizarrely, this actually outperforms the Murky Hand Scythe with Dark Infusion on a 24/26/30/30 build. Not by much, but the .5 lower weight value...


...Chaos Dagger in one hand; Dark Harpe in the other?
Murky Hand Scythe is truly powerfull with Dark Weapon.
What's with all that STR and DEX? (Which that's probably why it outperforms.)
Yeah, at low dex/str the Murky is just slightly better or exactly the same. But why invest that much into strength anyway? If you just use daggers, put those points into dex and you get more AR.
Only gotten this weapon twice in my 500ish hours of play. Never actually farmed for it, but seems hard to get.
holy ***** just got 2 of these in a row when i was actually farming for the great wooden hammer (avarice/sage rapier/golden serpent ring)
This dagger is a good side arm for a player character using the great wooden hammer. This is one of the few daggers that don't require dexterity more than 10, it deals slash and thrust damage, it weighs little, and it can be infused. (Heavy for damage, Blessed for HP regeneration, or Simple for FP regeneration.) It also fits the aesthetic style of the great wooden hammer.
First off, this weapon is a PAIN in the rear to farm! Aside from that it comes across as an unimpressive dagger due to low damage output and no critical bonus. That being said however, buffed correctly you can pull off impressive damage due to its fast and low stamina consumption. Buff it with frost weapon you can do some serious damage. Best part is the weapon art which funtions even without FP, perfect for dashing through deep swamps, water and even using the iron flesh buff. I don’t recommend this weapon unless you want something fast and are skilled with quickstepping. I prefer it to others due to its low requirement, fast attacks and in my mind is just perfect for what I want.



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I remember getting three of them in one of my games without even lokking for it.
>quickstep >skill are you darkmoon or just stoopid?


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Quickstepping requires (un)locking and good timing else instability Frames can get you very dead.
Farming advice: Equip your farming gear and go into the Greatwood fight. As long as the Greatwood remains in phase 1 the hollows will infinitely respawn, allowing you to farm this weapon, the Pitchfork, and the Great Wooden Hammer at your leisure. Bring some FP/HP regen equipment and use Aural Decoy if you want to make the ordeal utterly trivial (the Greatwood and the hollows are all affected by that spell, making it easy to cluster the hollows for free kills).
it would be nice if can parry on the left hand, i'm disappointed by this non crit dagger
Doesnt this weapon get around shields? Thats like its whole deal I thought Am I going crazy or was this little detail left out of this page?
I seriously doubt this thing has 100 bleed. Someone edit the wiki.
That's critical, not bleed
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