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Does this weapon proc if you have it on the back and use an Avelyn?
Ranged weapons do not proc anything that isnt on the projectile, so sadly no. I wanted to try that as well lol
how much dexterity and strength to you need to make this weapon parameter bonus to A?
Scaling isn't determined by the level of your skills. The letter is a set value that gets better but can only go as high as the item allows.
The Letter indicates how well the weapon scales with the attribute, not the bonus it is already getting.
Does reinforcing +10 increase the boost of the passives?
You cant. and no, its flat
you cant reinforce to +10, it can only go to +5
Fun fact, R1's combo into the WA for a huge damage True Combo.
I can use my other melee weapon to get the extra dmg proc and heal proc from this?



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Yes but it really needs to be a fast swing speed weapon. The Sellsword Twinblades or the Warden Twinblades are going to get the buff most consistently. I've tried many of the paired weapons and the two above are the best to proc both the damage and the health regen.
does this weapon boost stacks with power within or sacred oath?


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sacred oath boost overall physical damage and power within boost over all damage, both of them are stackable
The healing works great with the sellsword/warden twinblades and pontiff eye ring.
Oh Sif....
Sadness ahead therefore try tears
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just get 10 kills bro
Ghru on Keep Ruins bonfire have nice drop Chance for those. I spend like 30 mins to farm 8 of them. I had around 380 Discovery
Sure, just send me a message: my name is GoFarmYourselfScrubCasulPlayer I am mostly online from 16-22 GMT
Oi, anyone on PS4 willing to trade? I'm a smidgen too lazy to take the time out of my day to farm swordgrass and sadly I'm not much of a pvp person..
It's not really taken kindly here for people to keep asking for trade. There's a dedicated section on reddit for trade that you should try, it's pretty lively as well.
It takes like 30-60 min to farm 10 of those
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I would trade it for the Wolf Ring. Just PM me on PSN my name is NotTodayScrubCasul