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question i ran to the bonfire making him fly away but i didn't get the sword how do i make him come back
Move to another place rest in a bonfire and go back to the bridge, he will come, just try a couple of times
Just Wait Him Away From The Bonfire


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fextra, you encounter the hellkite wyvern making your way into undead burg, not after Taurus
That’s after Taurus you dumb *****
He's talking about the very first encounter where he touches down in front of you and takes off again as you approach the fork to the 2nd bonfire and the undead merchant.
impossible to kill even with 125 damage a hit greatarrows. Constantly heals, and if you slip up for half a second, he one shot nukes you with his lame *** fire that covers the whole planet. Worst idea ever for this qausi-boss, not fun, stupid.
Also wasted 250 poison arrows on him, he never got poisoned. Utter waste of time and effort.
He refuses to leave his perch, he nukes the whole bridge. I've tried literally everything everyone claims to work on him, nothing works at all. He sits on his perch like the douchebag he was designed by (who is obviously a goddamned douchenozzle and hates gamers) nuking the whole bridge. He one shot me while I was over by Sunbro... the complete other side of the bridge. It doesnt matter if I do 350 a shot (which i was using red tearstone) he just heals back to full health like a ****. Makes me not to even want to play this stupid game anymore, none of its fun when it's utterly impossible, if I wanted to stab myself in the face repeatedly, I would, which would be more fun than this moronic*****.
I killed it with a longbow +10 and wooden arrows, I just sat next to the rat tunnel and shot its head as often as possible and kept firing when it was on the bridge. When it is healing, try to enhance your frequency by aiming at its head and button smashing.