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As of 2/21/19 the Scaling listed here is old/wrong. Rank 10; Standard DDxC) Heavy CxxC) Sharp EBxC) Refined DDxC) Crystal DECB) Simple DDCB) Chaos DECB) Lightning DExA) Blessed DExA) Dark DECB) Blood DDxC +51 10Lck) Poison DDxC +57 10Lck)
i think wolnir's greatsword can be actually good if we could buff it like the saint's bident.
This things range is annoying. I swear, never see it in duels, but every gank squad has atleast one to chase you down, interrupting attacks from a distance.
The scaling seems very unique on this one, heavy infusion seems to retain the faith scaling, refined infusion actually increases the faith scaling, lightning infusion retains the str/dex scaling.... needs to be looked into.