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Where/what's the lore for this guy and his "master" whoever that may be?
Seethe the Scaleless is his master. " He resented those who had what he lacked" being the other dragons and their scales.
Speak with Manscorpion Tark and he will tell you how he had a master, one that was different than all his kind and coveted that which he couldn't have. This fits Seath, as he was born without the stone scales of immortality that other dragons had. He also mentions that he and Scorpioness Najka were created by this pale one. This also fits with Seath, as he was known to be crazed later in life, running all sorts of experiments on creatures. Upon killing Freja, Manscorpion Tark will utter a new line, congratulating you on killing his master. Although this implies that Freja was his master, it is important to note the spiders full name, The Dukes Dear Freja. This means that the Duke would of likely been in possession of Seaths soul, before dying and Freja ending up with it. We should also note that it is highly unlikely Tark is referring to the Duke as his master.


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I think the master is Aldia, because when he gives you the ring, he says "our master never truly dies. He only changes form". He also says "Where our master went". Aldia shifted into another dimension, somehow, and is practically unavailable. I so I suggest its Alida. Thou in those comments I see that it couldn't be the duke (Aldia is the the Duke of Dranglic), I think it might, but the soul of that Master of his, cannot be acquired....or may be it is the soul of the ancient Dragon. And that great soul to be that of Seath. That's just a Theory - a game theory.
Seath the scaleless..he envied the other dragonswho had what he did not. So in his archives( the dukes archives) he spent his final days going mad and creating some odd creatures in the process.. this is justa quick cut summary, from a much more thorough in depth storyline


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The whole point of Dark Souls II lore is hitting the same archetypes of 1, and telling a story of a world where these tragic stories are bound to happen over and over again. It may be seath, it may be an encarnation of Seath's soul, it just might be a similar story. It's made clear that when you arrive at drangleic Kingdoms have risen and fallen over and over again, to the point that people don't even remember the old ones names, and characters like the Olaphile guy never even knew this land by this name.
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Shaded Woods. After the Shaded Ruins bonfire. When you enter THE AREA WITH LOTS OF , take a left. Tark can be found in a pit after going through the buildings here. lots of what ???



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"Shaded Woods. After the Shaded Ruins bonfire. When you enter the area with lots of Cursed Vessels, take a left and continue through the ruins. Tark can be found in a sand pit after going through the buildings here."
The page was edited long before your comment, but I suggest you clear your browser cache just in case
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Guy didn't give me a second dragon ring.
Anybody now's his weakness


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'Manscorpion' sounds like a bad 80s horror film.
Will he still give you the branch if you don't talk to him until after beating Najka?