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i've seen a lot of theories about the past future and alternate timelines. and i think altogether each has merit, but i've yet to see a single mention of a small but glaring hint in the ringed city DLC. while i doubt im hardly the first person to realize this or point it out elsewhere. has anyone tried to factor in the possibility that this place...this hub for dark souls 3, isn't the real firelink shrine at all. and i don't mean that the CoA version is fake and the untended graves is real. i mean that both are just ...fake. early in the ringed city DLC we find a very interesting location. the demon prince's boss room. and vets from dark souls one will most likely recognize a few structures here. the ORIGINAL firelink shrink is found here. which honestly might actually make a WHOLE lot more sense. only. im just not sure what that actually means. further more. there's yet another firelink shrine that i haven't seen mentioned. once the lords of cinder have been returnded to there thrones, you get the option to warp to the flameless shrine, yet another lookalike of the place this game referes to as firelink shrine. someone smarter than me would have to put all of this together in a more cohesive fashion but i can lay out what he know for sure. 1. there's a firelink shrine that seems to exist in a world where the flame still exists. 2. there's another firelink shrine in a world where the flame has gone out. 3. there's a THIRD firelink shrine called the firelink shrine. if i had to take a guess. this one exists in a version of the world that has come to a stalemate between light and dark. one might even call it the age of ash, or, perhaps given other hints in the game, the age of gray, such as in the time of the dragons, before disparity. 4. finally, there exists another, disused firelink shrine which appears to be the original shrine. whether this IS the original shrine and the world just warped its physical location away to a less important location, and the new firelink shrine is actually where the original used to be, or if the new firelink shrine is a flat out fake shrine, is uncertain. after having written this all out. i have an hypothesis. the original fire link shrine is dead. the flame went out and all went dark. the age of man actually did come and gundyr was awoken too late to do anything about it. this happened BEFORE the lords of cinder were roused from their graves. in a final last ditch effort to save the age of fire. the curse rouses the lords of cinder from their graves to link the fire (which is already out, so it would be more like, rekindling). but even if all the lords willingly came back and sacrificed themselves, it wouldn't have matter, because the fire was already gone. cinder in and of itself cannot beget flame. the lords are like logs that have been put on a fire and remain as nothing more that that fire aftermath. sure, if you had more logs to put on the fire it could have kept going, but you don't have any more loges. just the cinders you already burned. you can't 're-burn' a log that's been reduced to cinders. that's not how fire works. in other words.(SPOILERS AHEAD) IN OTHER WORDS, your quest was doomed from the start. you already lost and people were just clinging to the last embers of an already dead world. Filianores duty was to hide that truth. to hide the fact that the world was all been burned up, and that nought but ash remained. the only real way to proceed forward, is the lord of hollows ending. which sees the fire take a new form, something that uses the inexhaustible fuel of the dark soul of man to stay alight. so then what was the firelink shrine of this game? just a charade. what we see at the start of the game is little more than an illusion designed to give us hope. but the truth is that the untended graves version for the shrine is its real state. their is no fire there because the fire died long ago.
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