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Is there any reason to use this over Velsdt's set?
other than being edgier, not really

because it goes good with the majestic great sword.
Raime is more badass
Fashion Souls is the only reason you need
Because it looks better.

sum1 said that it looks good with the majestic gs,seriously the helmet is just artorias' hood 2.0
I used to choose armor purely based on stats but honestly I choose fashion souls over protection nowadays
It weighs less
what happens if we use this against velstadt? xD
Must be tested
He prob goes all juish rage monster on you. Theres an armor (or wep?)(i forget which/what) that if you wear it into the Velstadt fight, he goes all out ape***** on you right from the get.
If it had a red cape, then it would be almost perfect for looking like the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
How about use the Drakeblood armor then? It has a red embroidered cape
I'm curious about the amount of downvotes that this comment has
Is there no lore on this armor?