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If you talk to Ludleth with the Fire Keeper's Eyes in your possession, he mentions remembering to whom they belonged, as well as the circumstances in which she died. He implies he kindled the flame shortly after to end the dark. Soooo this place is in the past.
He's also in dark souls, which is the realm of londor I believe, a place where not very nice people go when they die, so your in a realm of criminals basically... And your going to believe so guy called the exile when he's sat at a bonfire and you use homeward bones and return to bonfires? He's been exiled to his own home? I personally think Ludleth isn't actually Ludleth at all, I reckon who ever it is killed the real Ludleth and is sitting on whatever is left, I mean think about it why does 'Ludleth' not drop a soul of cinder when you kill him?
Thats a lot of stuff you've just pulled out of the air anon2, especially the bit about Ludleth being in Dark Souls, and he's got nothing to do with Londor.
The most dangerous thing here are the dogs; the dogs become stronger.
Considering it is much much in the future, the dogs had time to buff.
Kill the dogs first.
i died the same time as Aldritch and ended up at the untended graves


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Wtf, where should be the pus of a man?
There is an interesting theory that the shrine we see in the Untended Graves is neither in the past, nor the future, but both. Or possibly more accurately, neither. Of course there's the handmaiden recognizing you, Ludlith's comment on the eyes, and Gundyr's armor description that all point to it being in the past, but there's also evidence for the opposite. The Coiled Sword Fragment's description says that it's "A fragment of the coiled sword of a bonfire which served its purpose long ago." (assuming the fragment isn't from a different bonfire) In addition to that, if you reach the dark shrine before defeating the Abyss Watchers, you won't find the Hornet Ring and the handmaiden won't have Artorias's armor, which raises the question of how something in the present can affect the past. But the most interesting part of this is in the Repair spell's description, which says "Light is time, and the reversal of its effects is a forbidden art." As we know, the Untended Graves are shrouded in darkness. It's quite possible that without the light of the flame, time simply doesn't exist. I wish I could also count the fact that whether you place a message in the normal cemetery/shrine or the dark one, it also appears in the other, which would further cement the idea. However, in terms of the level design, both areas are physically in the same place. For example, if you use noclip and back out of the Cemetery of Ash, you'll find yourself in the Consumed King's boss room, and if you try to go back in, you'll be in the Untended Graves. So, in short, I don't think the message thing is in any way lore-based.
That actually makes a fair bit of sense, particularly since the opening for Dark Souls 1 notes that with the flame came disparity, "life and death" (and presumably, youth and age).
also not to mention the numerous occasions where the all games explicitly state that time is warped in this world, with champions from bygone era's constantly floating in and out of this world. (solaire from dark souls 1 i believe said something along those lines) since we only ever play these games in an era where the flame (light) is fading, it could be that time weakens during these periods as well. allowing the fabric of time and space to warp in abnormal, paradoxical ways
I found an interesting (albeit surely discovered) fact. I died to one of the BK (one guarding Chaos Blade) and since it was the only remaining item there and I grabbed it before he launched me to the moon, I did not bother to return for mere 4K souls. But when I returned to original Firelink Shrine, I found my souls laying down on the spot where I died in the Untended Graves. Neat feature :)

Champion Gundyr is quite amusing fight, Dynamic, brutal and overwhelming. However since I'm "filthy casul" anyway, I summoned the phantom of Sword Master, who proved himself to be amazing help. Mostly by distracting Gundyr so I can heal. The fight was rather short as I have almost 1400 HP, so I could afford to trade a blow there and there, basically spamming regular attacks with my Refined Dark Sword +9 (remember, filthy casul style) and under a minute or two, Gundyr fell down without me dying or using more than 6 estus sips.
Where do you summon the Sword Master? Also, can you glitch him to make him invulnerable like with the Dancer and Vordt?
To be honest, I feel like firelink shrine is more like the Nexus from Demon Souls, or the Dream from bloodborne. A place disconnected from "reality", but something that can be entered under special conditions.
The untended graves are the "real" thing. A dead flame, slowly spreading the abyss, just like Lothric and Lorian wanted. And it does spread, as seen by the area in front of oceiros. It even spreads as far as into the firelink shrine, when it spreads out of gundyr.
Stuff happening affects the NPC's in the shrine. The handmaiden recognizes us, because she is still linked to her "real" self in the untended graves, but the "spell", probably that of filianore, prevents her from realizing that she isn't the real handmaiden. After all, she respawns, while the one in UG does not. Same thing goes for the firekeeper, who is already dead in the UG. And if you give her the eyes, she comes to realize, that the Firelink shrine she is in, is not real - that she herself isn't real. Other characters can enter and leave the shrine, but they all are the real deal and not involved in the shrines "spell", that copied the handmaiden, the firekeeper and Andre.
Also, there is no character that joins the firelink shrine unless he made contact with you, despite Leonhardt, who is a notorious invader.

It's not a question of past, future or present, it's a question of real or not. A theme all dark Souls games inhertied at some point:
Dark Souls one had Gwyndolins spell on Anor Londo, to keep up the illusion of everything being fine.
Dark Souls 2 had Drangleic being entered through a weird maelstrom.
Dark Souls 3 has Filianore, te firelink shrine, and possibly the arch dragons peak, wich we enter much like we enter the memories in Dark Souls 2.

The only thing unclear to me is, who created the alternate firelink shrine. If it was Filianore, then how far did her spell reach? Was it only the ringed City? Firelink shrine? The whole game?
We find her hidden behind not one, not two, but three obstacles: Either inside the painted world or the Kiln of the first flame. Then in dreg heap. And after that, in the ringed city. Places normally unreachable, if not for the ashen one who linked gathered the lord souls.
Maybe she created one Nexus to protect herself (ringed city), and another one to protect the ashen one (firelink shrine).
Ok, but then what about the firelink shrine at the kiln of the first flame?
Not bad, most adds up, except the handmaiden says about a captive, the eyes off the fire keeper, but which firekeeper? You find a blind fire keeper and an actual firekeeper, but then that would make you champion Gundyr, it would make sense if the cemetery of ash was a sort of limbo, in dark souls 1 you had the choice to light the fire or let the world be consumed by darkness, it could be possible that gundyr is actually the main player from the darksouls 1, and UG + CoA are actually the different results (for example, if you destroyed her illusion in Anor Londor in ds1, the place goes dark and the giant knights become small soldiers) maybe it has something to do with the princess Gwynevere? Because it's fairly clear skies in CoA unlike most of DS3...
They are the eyes of the first fire keeper read the descriptions
Also read the description for champion gundyr's soul
Just as a tip not that it matters other than free souls but if you buy the priestest ring and murder the shrine handmaiden here she will drop a second priestest ring.
I get the feeling there's something more to this place other than it being just a dark Firelink Shrine.
You guys need to fix the second paragraph, there are no fire casting hollows in this area
Very rarely, the grave wardens cast pyromancies, but you're right, there are no regular hollows that cast pyromancies
Actually there are, whenever I try to use the WA of Greatsword of Judgment, they will breathe fire.