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You don't need to tell Anri where Horace is to get any ending. Anri just needs to survive until after Pontiff is defeated
The Usurpation of Fire ending - does Yuria HAVE to survive as a summon to get her set? Did the whole thing, got the special ending and everything, but she remains at Firelink.
She got destroyed pretty quickly in my playthrough's final boss.
Got super pissed when she died, but after beating the SoC I Still got the usurpation ending.
She has to survive for you to get her armor at the shrine.



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you can kill her to get the set. she simply allows you to kill her without a fight.
It's odd how letting the fire fade in DS1 resulted in the Dark Lord ending, yet letting the fire fade in DS3 makes a point that no lords will exist any longer, not even a Dark Lord. I guess 3 was building upon the narrative and improving it by adding the Usurpation of Fire ending to allow you to become the Lord of Hollows, implying the fire has been taken by the Dark, or possibly transformed into a blackflame that operates much like the First Flame. In fact, it looks very much like the Ashen One is pulling the flame into their Dark Sigil, and when they reawaken, they rise in the spot where the bonfire used to be, but has mysteriously vanished. This coincides with the former prediction, that the fire has been swallowed by darkness and stowed away. After all, without fire, there can be no shadows.

As for the "Unkindled" ending... Where does that leave us? Without a fire keeper, the flame cannot survive for long, so does the Ashen One intend to become both a fire keeper and a power source for the flame? Would this make the Ashen One a ruler of their own world, as the rest fades into oblivion? Will this prevent the flame from fading, and subsequently from being reignited? It's probably the most pessimistic ending, and I'm glad I don't have to murder the fire keeper to get an achievement...
Cants thou see? The era of deep will come, hail aldrich
It is mentioned in game lore that even if the flame fades, over a certain span of time, the lords of cinder can still create a small kindle of flame in utter darkness. In the case of the ending where you lose the firekeeper, if you do it in a certain way, you can have 2 firekeepers. One of them in theory replaces the other in terms of lore. When you usurp and take the flame, yes, you do interact the flame with the dark sigils, in essence following and completing Kaathe's will. In other words, you become the lord of hollows AND cinders, light and dark, removing the world of the old gods, stopping the cycle, and starting the age of Man.
do i kill Yuria to get her set because i summoned her for the battle but she never droped anything after i beat the SoC and she is still standing where she was in fire link
If she did not survive the fight, you will not get her stuff afterwards. If you want her gear, either revert to an earlier save, and keep her alive, or kill her yourself.
If she did not survive the fight, you won't get her stuff. You will either have to revert to an earlier save, and keep her alive, or kill her yourself.
If she dies you don't get her armour set but if she lived during the fight just go back to the firelink shrine and go to the spot she stood in for the whole game and you should be able to find it right there.
And if she's still standing there after you did the ending correct you can just kill her and get her armour cause she's pretty useless after doing the ending.
Her set can be found by the graves near firelink shrine after the battle if she survived
Honestly what does Anri have to do with the Usurpation of Fire ending, is he the one I stab to get the extra 3 hollow things, or is he just there and you have to do his quest line just because
Anri's questline allows you to become as hollowed as possible and thus open that ending
Anris a girl


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^Anri is always the opposite gender of the player character. Calm down.
Yuria wants you to 'marry' (read: stab) Anri and absorb his/her dark sigils, yes.
Hey doesn't Yuria say something about the Lord of Londor has to have a spouse? IDK maybe such is the also the custom for all lords of Londor.
Anri's gender is swapped depending on your character's gender lmao
if i chose the first ending is my character gonna be on fire all the way like in the cutscene??



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Just a Tip for Newbies going for the UoF ending, it will say “Link the Flame” anyway, just don’t summon the Firekeeper and you’ll be fine
Whats odd is when i got UoF the keepers sign didnt show for me
That's probably because you didn't give her the firekeep eyes from Unattended Graves
this endings sucks... So much trouble for that? a little cutscene... The gameplay ts laggi and unresponsive, and soooo slow paced. Really glad they will not make more DS games
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Aww, is dark souls 3 too hard for you to follow? You might prefer fable? They have a narrator on there that spoon feeds you the story. Cutscene length is a problem? watch films instead. Laggy? Well now that will be either your router if your online, or your console if on P.C, laser head cleaner's, check disc for scratches or finger prints... check game requirements ect.
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DS story doesn't suck, it's a metaphorical reality based on real life, if dark souls sucks either your too stupid to understand it, or your life actually sucks and need some fantasy in your life, Disney films are great for that, maybe Cinderella or beauty and the beast is more on your epic level lmao
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The endings don't suck at all, clearly you need to GET GUD
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I really like the the old school rpg vibes on this game. The PVP is unique and can be exciting. You may have a better experience if you take the time to understand the lore. Get creative with some RP/character dev. However the controls can feel clunky when my timing is off. There is no more lag for me than any other game including mmo's. (MID RANGE SET UP + ETHERNET)
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Just a thought and a rant: So I thought giving firekeeper eyes may help our lovely firekeeper. Then she asked about the end of fire. I declined living in the dark, then she asked me to kill her. Wtf, man. why should I kill her because the horrifying vision that came from the eyes?
You can kill her, it's safe.
It is just so she drops the eyes so you can continue your ending as usual
whos the fucing idiot who forgot to mention you need the golden scroll to give to the sorcerer
You don't. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It's an optional sidequest for Yuria to kill the sorcerer.