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It may be so mediocre, because From didn't want every single *****ing player running in demigod-final boss-killer-badass armor, it is rarely seen in PvP and it propably was meant to be that way, I'm not complaining
None of the armor featured in the cover art of these games have ever really been all that good, they've always been kinda midling and mostly just used for fashion. This one is no exception, although even by those standards this armor is pretty low quality. I wish you could at least upgrade armor like before.
Sadly, the "demigod-final-boss-killer-badass armor", is basically Havel's set. I mean 4 out of 6 invasions I get are people with full Havel-set (including shield) which makes them so tough against EVERYTHING. Despite being one of the best physical armor in the game, it doubles as one of the best armor all-around. They made SoC armor way too weak for its price/effort and Havel's way too op for its ease of access. And yes, maybe it requires an absurd amount of vitality to be able to wear the entire set and be able to roll while having also the shield, but it's no problem when grinding for levels is easy. Sorry about the rant it's just that I'm tired of seeing more Havels than anything else during invasion.
Would be cool if the tips of the helm would burn if you were emberd
actually a really cool concept
Frosted tips are gaaayyy as fuuuck


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If you look in the middle from the breathing holes on both sides of the mask, you can see a faint line across it. Does anyone know the reason for this? Because it really bugs me
It suppose to resemble a skull's teeth while grinning, probably inspired by grotesque mask from maximillan armor and Cuman plate mask.
as far as i have read its supposed to resemble a grinning skull to give it a even more wicked factor
I believe other knight like helmets are better looking, but the set is mostly pretty good looking
I love how everyone is complaining about how poor this armors stats are when it is clearly fitting the description of it being burned and broken not only that armor isn't really that big of a deal even it only matters that you have a piece on every part of the body even if its just rags having a full havel set isn't as op as it used to be
They could have done something really cool, making the armor look more like cinders why’ll emberd. But no
it *****ing sucks
the effects on the boss come from linking the fire not because he's embered.
They aren't talking about the boss, genius. They're just saying that, as the player, you could have had a similar effect when embered or through any other number of means, but they chose not to give that option to the player. I don't mind, myself, but it's a fair gripe. The armor could have been cooler by leaning into its fiery nature.
it seems so much more bland than the cover art
The cover art soul of cinder kinda looks more than the Soul of Cinder boss and the actual armor.


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it really is a shame that pvp shares the same stats as pve. i'd like to have an OP set that comes from the last boss or a weapon that just destroys pve. "does increased damage to npc's, reduced damage in player vs player" something like that. it always makes me upset that one of my favorite items get's nerfed because of it's effect on pvp
what's the point of making the game easy?


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Honestly, considering that Armor seems be more fashion with players; This Set is disappointing at best. There's far "tougher" and sexier looking Sets with better Stats. Undead Legion has far better Elemental defense as an example.
Then don’t use it
The only sure fire way to not get swarmed with “u a twink get good”, as long as they understand the concept of NG+