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The Holy Lothric Railcannon
Fantastic weapon and not OP or meta. Only true darksouls vets use this.
Ima scrub and i use it for swag
Someone tried to chease me using the Farron Greatsword L1's once I got him to one hit of health. I blasted him with the R2R1 and it felt fantastic.
This weapon is absolutely amazing when it comes to pvp it has decent poise, it's faster than a ultra grestsword and it has range but who in their right mind decided I'm going to make it so that the weapon art r2 is parryable because whoever did ***** you some *** hole parry Kong got one lucky parry off and it completely changed the way the match went
Sounds like someone just needs to stop being predictable around someone who parries.
This weapon is already broken- you have no reason to be mad over just one flaw.


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I'm so dumb. I just transposed the soul for a second lothric's sword instead of Lorian's sword and was wondering why I wasn't being offered the option to make this sword, until I rechecked my inventory to see two of prince lothric's swords!
Trade the sword with someone who wants it and get the other.
That's why I always check my inventory two or three times before trading a boss soul I've already traded once before. Just to be safe, y'know?
never see anyone with this
Requires 2 souls of the same boss so unless somebody gift you one of swords needed to make it you need to go NG+. Also it scales with 4 stats making it not very impessive at SL120. At very high levels this weapon gets 10 times easier to see than at SL120.


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Cause it's only really good at 40 in str dex int faith. And that requires more than sl 120. You will se this a lot more in higher levels
40 attunement and spam WA yayayaya
Anyone wanna trade username Raychandler Hall on Xbox 1
you can't
A crutch weapon in PVP- the weapon art projected stab makes the weapon. This should have never been approved.
A crutch? You're being ridiculous. The WA is entirely manageable of you know what to look for. This is honestly one of the weapons that does well depending on skill. The beam is easy to dodge if you're paying attention, the swing is the same. Both are easily parried as well. They're just good options. Obviously a bad matchup like an UGS will suffer BECAUSE of said bad matchup. The WA swing can tank ultras and trade well.
i'm guessing you meant to replie