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the reply system on these comments is so *****ing confusing
It's just reversed except for when it isn't
The magic clutch ring increases the R1 damage only, I'm not quite sure how that works since the offhand is supposed to be the only magic damage isn't it?
Glad to stop seeing this now that the metas are getting tired. It's just not a fun weapon to fight against
I like this weapon but the noise it makes constantly when equipped is awful
The unique 2H R1 moveset is slightly slower than other scythes to balance out the fact that it is a nigh 3-hit true combo as the 3rd swing WILL ROLL CATCH if they panic roll after the 2nd hit.
true combo... that can be parried as easily that ogre in bloodborne slapping at the door as your first enemy after the plaza... This is not a true combo. Great for roll catching .But people that can use their parry button will show dem weebs the point down with full hp.
I don't think this needed faith scaling, and the others could probably have been reduced ever so slightly. Also, zero sour spot? Infinite hyper armor? Shield breaking, long range, quick speed? Excuse me?
Nope, not infinite hyper armour, just ask anyone with a great hammer and proper poise. They come to you thinking they can dance like a butterfly, they get squashed like a regular fly
Still, it certainly seems like it if all you have is all you have is a sword
Incredibly easy to setup parry. Basically a free riposte like the farron greatsword
A+ for fashion souls but, I don't like it's scaling. This really requires a dexterity build primarily, as only the WA benefits from magic damage and scaling. This was a huge trap for me and my mage build, as using it one handed or two handed makes it hit as hard as wielding a limp pool noodle. the way the game looks, makes it seem like you would do well by investing in either, but trust me, it's primarily dexterity based.
I'm looking for anyone who wants to trade this weapon. Since I don't have the money for the dlc,s . :) Willing to trade alot for it. Steam is "A Weeaboo Most known as Jowell"
still up to?
I don't get why a scythe is considered a weeb weapon. I mean, look at UGS's. They are way more anime than a scythe imo :|