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One of it's notable traits is the low FP consumption. With 10 attunement, you have enough FP to do (roughly) three WA R1 combos before running out. The WA R1 also staggers like crazy, which causes most people to panic roll because of the scary appearance (which you can then roll catch with regular R1, or WA R2 if they get too far).
I find this being good against (some) slower weapons, where you can WA R1 them while they're in their recovery frames. However, when fighting against other light weapons that can also stagger spam, it's a lot harder and you should consider switching weapons.
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After about an hour of using it, I've won 23 duels in a row. The WA has hyper armor, if only a little. Boost it with a havels set and you have a good bit of hyper armor, enough to power through a split leaf combo or a 1hand heavy weapon hit. People don't usually see this and as such aren't used to it. WA R2, they'll almost always roll to your side and into you, then WA R1 spam until they roll away. You can get about 4 hits on em before they back off. If they roll behind you or to the side, finish the WA R1 combo for that final slash and it'll always hit them. It's very good for pvp, not meta tier, but it's good. Don't trade with any black knight weapons or 2hand heavies because they will break your hyper armor, don't bother with shield turtles since the stamina damage is miniscule, and for those that can parry well, the WA attacks can be delayed heavily. 2hand heavies can be out spaced by the WA R1 and for the non vertical hitting movesets, the WA R1 will hit them before they can hit you with their R1 if you immediately press R2, R1 with a slight delay between them.
but looks shiet with havel! you have to respect fashion souls my friend
Why does this not scale more with Int/Faith?? This should be a pyros best friend... *sigh*
Because the demon scar exists.
Why are Int/Faith Pyro Builds limited to playing with either regular chaos/dark infused straight-swords, or greatswords. I really dislike playing with greatswords, Please lower the STR requirement for the Ringed Knight Straight Sword (or dont) and INCREASE the Int/Faith Scaling - this should be a pyro weapon. I would be SO HAPPY to have a special straightsword as a pyro.


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Because if you like using melee weapons you usually make a melee character, it's like complaining because i use a quality build but i cry because i can't use a catalyst to hit stuff, wtf ?
We already get Demon's Scar
all types of weapons have some you can infuse or have faith/int scaling.
Demon Scars trash If it did physical with fire id be nice but the Pure fire is useless 80% of the time when over 50% of all games enemy's have a Fire resist of varying degrees I find im spam casting BFO more then actually swinging this stuiped thing just grab a Follower Saber and give a Dark/Chaos infusion and watch stuff melt
Wat? I play Pyro and we are the most spoiled casters in DS3. We have straight swords, greatswords, curved swords, AGS, Witches Locks, and others that are super viable. How can you complain?
Did someone say the Demon Scar is trash? Lel.
So it's WA has enough Poise health to go through two Greatsword 2H R1s? Man this games hyper armor system is bad. Yes, cause a SS needs THAT much utility.
Uh oh crying Greatsword user
"Uh oh crying Greatsword user" Nice job capitalizing on their argument you dullard. :-) He's right though. SS don't need any kind of hyper armor lol. *****Soft back at it.
"he's right though" you're probably the UGS cumguzzler who made the original comment LOL! Sorry you can't win every fight by trading anymore, aww poor baby lost a trade :'( LOL!!
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Resembles Skull Knight's Straight Sword
Lol, cancer weapon confirmed. I just equipped this for the 1st time on my sorcerer build yesterday and watched my wins skyrocket lol. The only times i lost were when it was a person who clearly knew EXACTLY how to handle this weapon. It's SO ez to use! I'm not even on an optimized build!
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All straightswords are like this... you new here?
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Ignore the original commenter guys, let me translate his tardations for you: REEEEEEEE I GOT KILLED BY THIS REEEEEEEE I CANT PARRY AND ALL WEAPONS I DONT LIKE SHOULD BE NERFED REEEEEEEE
Someone please edit notes and tips, the weapon art adds a FLAT 90 DAMAGE FIRE INCREASE to AR. (Tested by using WA R1 and quickly opening menu, damage changed from 432 to 522)
(Same poster as original comment)
Using WA without FP causes the weapon damage to DROP by 108 points TOTAL