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So, I checked and the chaos infusion gives B scaling on +10 and not C like the wiki says. Someone please change that.


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Done. Thanks!
C/C with sharp infusion and the damage still goes through the roof. Is this actually C/A and the "C/C" is an error? Because only my S(!) scaling Murakumo could outdamage it with the same stats when in fact the Excile should be weaker by a lot. (S>A>B>C!) Or am I missing something?
Yes, you miss something. Scaling can have different softcaps, and is far too complex to take into account mere "letters". Just use AR calculator to determine REAL scaling.
Exile Greatsword really shines with Chaos or Dark infusion, for 40/16/30/30 build (if using softcaps). It has massive 739 AR. It's higher than every UGS, GH & GA in game, except "Greatsword", while also being faster and consuming much less stamina per hit (Lothric Knight GS doesnt count as it has 3-element damage, so in fact deals less "real damage").
My favourite PvE weapon. Has tremendous AR with Chaos, Dark and Lightning infusions (higher than almost all other weapons), has hyper-armor on its attacks, is FASTER and at the same time, consumes LESS stamina per hit (30 for R1), than "ultra-heavy" weapons (Ultra GS, Great Hammers/Axes). And its shorter reach is actually an advantage is many "tight" areas - so it doesnt bounce off walls all the time (as HCGS does). With 3 "copies" infused with Chaos, Dark & Lightning, it provides enough versatility to easily dispatch any foe (with proper element chosen).
reads like your an EGS salesman lol
I just took a giant turd on Friede with this, absolute monster of a weapon and stylish af to boot
At +7 my EGS still scales at str- C, dex- D
Srry I didn’t specify... at +7 regular
You need to infuse it with a gem
My stamina recharges less with this weapon. Can anybody explain why?
What about your weight ratio? That is one of the possible cause.
Not sure what people are talking about "shorter reach", it's my personal experience that this has more reach than the other curved swords besides maybe the Harald. Sure, it's SHORTER, but that doesn't mean anything. This is one of those instances where it's actual reach is farther than the blade.
Or just, you know, phantom range...which makes range redundant. I've been hit by a Lothric Knight Sword that had the range of a Gargoyle Flame Spear.
This is by far the best weapon for a poison build +10 with 60 Luck it has a build up of 140 poison!
[To Everyone who wants to use this weapon in PVP] Just know that this is one of the most overused weapons in the game, because it can be found ealry, has decent speed, high damage, and good range. It works the best on STR builds, but also can be used on elemental builds as well. But please, don't encourage the dark weapon meta. If you're looking for weapons similar to this, try the Harald Curved sword (Also works well with STR/elemental). But keep in mind, if you use this in PVP, you'll be at a disadvantage to almost everyone, unless they're distracted, as this weapon is easy to dodge (unless the person swinging it is laggy), and all of it's attacks except for the weaponart, 2-handed R2, and Jumping attack CAN be parried. If you're looking for another weapon with high damage, decent range, and speed, then try out a greatsword or a halberd/glaive. (Both halberds/glaives and greatswords offer decent amounts of Hyperarmor while 2-handed.)
Greatswords and polearms are parry heaven if you want to consider such factors.
Almost everything in this game can be parried. Even ultra weapons can be parried if the player is running, rolling, or 1-handing it. Listing that as some incredible disadvantage for a weapon just shows you have a very narrow idea of how to play with it. There are plenty of people out there swinging curved greatswords who can outsmart someone fishing for a parry.
I've used this sword way too much so I've stopped using it... I have hundreds of hours in both pvp and pve. I don't know how to parry and have gotten my *** kicked many times because of it... However, I have never been parried by the running jump attack with some very skilled opponents who tried but failed. Maybe it can be parried but it must be extremely difficult to do so. As a matter of fact as soon as I see someone with a parry tool I only do the jump attack because it has always been successful to me.
How come I only ever see this being buffed with Dark Blade?